Visionox under-screen camera may be exclusive to Huawei this year

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Huawei is always in the mix when it comes to adopting new technology despite the tensions it has been facing lately. New reports from China suggest Huawei could first access to Visionox under-display screens. Rumours also indicate that the Honor Magic series could be the first one to get it.

Reports from ITHome say that Huawei is eyeing to monopolize the under-display camera solutions. Additionally, the reports also indicate that Huawei will be the first brand to adopt the technology.

Exclusive access to Huawei?

Further, a few rumours have popped up saying the Visionox will give early access to Huawei and the company will debut the off-screen camera solution in the Honor Magic series. Considering this new technology, it is understandable that Huawei is planning to test it on the sub-brand.

If we recall, Visionox broke the news saying that its new display with off-screen camera solution is ready for mass production, a few days back.  However, Chinese media portal has reported that it is not. The solution which has special pixel arrangement will reduce the transparency between main and auxiliary screen for a smoother transition. 

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Opinions on the off-screen camera solution

Post this, a lot of discussions has happened on social media platforms with opinions from executives of OPPO, Meizu, and OnePlus. Visionox implementation is not ready for now, as per their understanding. And hence, it won’t see the light with mainstream flagships this year. 

Former OPPO VP Shen Yiren said that the selfies through under-display cameras were not satisfying. Hence, it needed subsequent software optimizations going forward. 

Can Visionox deliver?

As we mentioned earlier, ITHome reported that Huawei is expected to monopolize Visionox’s off-screen camera solution. The company has given exclusive access to Huawei and is planning to monopolize the market soon. However, according to the Chinese outlet, relevant sources from Huawei responded to this saying they were unaware of this news

Nevertheless, Visionox is one of the leading display makers in China. It has supplied displays for Xiaomi MIX α, Xiaomi CC9 Pro, ZTE Axon10 Pro, LG G8S Thin Q and more. Considering their track record, we will have to wait and see how the new technology performs.

 Relevant sources from Huawei responded to this saying they were unaware of this news, says the report. Hence, we would advise you to take this bit with a pinch of salt and wait for more official info going forward.

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