DxOMark: Oppo Find X2 Pro has the worst selfie camera among 2020 flagships

Back in March this year, Oppo finally brought good news for the enthusiasts of the Oppo Find X2 series. The new smartphone lineup came in the form of Oppo Find X2 and X2 Pro. Both were truly capable flagships featuring advanced hardware and powerful camera setups. The Oppo Find X2 Pro reached one of the highest ranks at DxOMark with its rear camera setup, however, the same cannot be said about its selfie camera. At least on paper, the device features a powerful front camera setup with a 32MP 1/2.8-inch sensor with wide-angle f/2.4 aperture. However, the sensor fails to deliver the same flagship-level experience we see on its rear cameras.

According to DxOMark, the selfie camera text of the Oppo Find X2 Pro shows a performance that isn’t on par with other flagships. The flagship smartphone got a final selfie camera score of just 72. It would have been even lower, if not for the decent video shooting performance. In the selfie photo test, DxOMark delivered a score of 67. When it comes to video recording performance, the phone got a score of 79. The overall result effectively rewards the Oppo Find X2 Pro with one of the lowest scores for the smartphone’s selfie camera on the came benchmarking platform. Even devices with a worse score are better the X2 Pro when it comes to taking selfies. For instance, we have the Meitu T9 which scores 73 in the photo test and even the iPhone X which scores 74.

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Selfie camera performance is nothing more than average

DxOMark states, however, that the X2 Pro does a good job in handling exposure on faces and texture in good lighting conditions for selfies. Moreover, it has a good performance in capturing the depth of field portraits, especially when the subject is away from the camera. However, the phone struggles to activate HDR in most scenes. Even when it is activated, review notes that the results aren’t anything beyond acceptable. Many selfie shots have visible artifacts reducing the quality of the image. Furthermore, the device’s camera has a very poor color response. In low light situations, we have photos getting yellow color casts. Last but not least, it was a struggle to get to the camera to focus in closeup selfie shots.

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According to DxOMark’s tests, the Find X2 Pro does well in handling exposure on faces and texture in good lighting conditions for selfies. The phone also does well in capturing the depth of field portraits, especially when the subject is a bit away from the front camera. The review states, however, that videos had good face exposure and accurate white balance. For that reason, the phone reached a decent front camera video score.

With this result, the Oppo Find X2 Pro selfie camera sits below all of the 2020 and 2019 flagships tested on DxOMark. Even some mid-range phones like the Nokia 7.2 or flagship-killers like the Realme X2 Pro offer a better selfie shooter.

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