Huawei Says Information Is The Fourth Resource After Sea, Air, and Land

Information crisis

The Cloud Summit of the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference opened today. And Tao Jingwen, Huawei Director, CIO, and President of Quality Process IT delivered a keynote speech. He shared his opinion concerning information crisis and artificial intelligence.

He mentioned that during the use of artificial intelligence, Huawei has a few suggestions:

First, data has become increasingly important. It is the fourth most important resource after sea, land and air. ‘We believe that the development of artificial intelligence should strengthen data support. And on the basis of sovereignty protection, we should promote data openness and intelligence.’

Secondly, industry organizations should strengthen AI legislation, as well as the construction of ethics and industry standards. They should also establish a consensus data exchange space and promote the rational use of data.

Finally, we should build an open ecosystem to promote the development of artificial intelligence.

Tao Jingwen called for strengthening cooperation among governments, enterprises, technology, algorithms and professional technology in the artificial intelligence industry chain.

Information Crisis

In fact, Huawei didn’t announce anything new. We mean currently we are in the phase of Information Crisis 2.0. And Huawei just calls all parties to solve this problem, not forgetting about the data privacy.

Information crisis

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As for the Information Crisis, we are faced with two startling facts:

  1. There is a lot of data;
  2. Information technology resources and systems are not effective in turning all data into useful strategic information.

Every second, humanity creates and modifies tons of information. It’s been assumed that information volume is doubled every 18 months. In fact, this process has been accelerated. So it’s logical that the existing tools and systems can’t cope with such a huge volume of data.

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But we should point out that most companies and people working with information directly are faced with an information crisis not because of luck of sufficient data but because the available data is not useful. Some data are in not readable mode, while the rest of data doesn’t contain useful information.

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In this sense, it takes too long to separate useful and non-useful information. Huawei (and the rest of the world) think artificial intelligence will solve this problem. But again, when looking for the solutions, we should always keep in mind that those data refer to people and their activity. So users’ privacy is imperative.

All these are quite important and interesting. But many will doubt why Huawei is talking about this and why is it doing right now when there are many concerns related to its data protection policy?

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