MediaTek begins 6G development – seems the future will arrive early

MediaTek low-end 5G

The aggressive development of 5G seems to have taken many manufacturers by surprise. With 5G, China breezed pass the U.S. and other companies to hit top spot. However, it appears that this will not be the case with the next-generation 6G. Although we may not have a commercial rollout of 6G before 2030, companies are not taking any chances. The likes of Samsung, Huawei, and many American companies have all commenced 6G research and development. Now, there are reports that Taiwanese manufacturer, MediaTek, is also embarking on the development of 6G technology.

The company has a significantly stronger presence in 5G (relative to 4G) and has launched a number of 5G smartphone processors. Its Dimensity 5G series is doing quite well and many manufacturers see it as a good option. 6G will be a new generation of mobile communication technology after 5G. Industry insiders believe that MediaTek is planning 6G ahead of schedule. MediaTek’s advance deployment will also add momentum to their future development.

MediaTek Dimensity 1000 for 5G smartphones

According to reports, MediaTek has been conducting research and development in 5G for about 6 years. In addition to the headquarters’ research and development center, they also have a research and development center in Finland (the homeland of Nokia). This research and development center participates in 5G and other latest wireless technologies. It also develops communication technology and collaborates with European telecommunication customers to carry out testing. Its collaboration extends to the research and development institute of Finland, academic institutions, and Nokia.

MediaTek has a 6G R&D team in Finland

Finland, Nokia’s homeland, is an important driving force for the development of global wireless communication technology. Local governments and scientific research institutions have also launched 6G technology research and development. They generally expect to commence commercialization in 2030. MediaTek’s team cooperation with local wireless technology research and development institutions and companies benefits from geographical advantages.

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MediaTek’s team in Finland is expected to become a key factor in its future terminal chip development. Basically, MediaTek’s focus will be on the development of 6G chips for smartphones. This will be a bit different from what Nokia aims to achieve. For Nokia, its interest will be on how to develop 6G equipment and standards. Thus, both companies can cooperate to a large extent without conflict of interest. Nevertheless, with the speed in research and development, it appears that 6G will arrive early. 

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    This is incredibly amazing – I cannot imagine the abilities that we can have with 6G power.