Yu Chengdong: 100MP sounds high, but it’s not as good as the outsole CMOS

Yu Chengdong

Over the past year, the development of smartphone cameras skyrocketed from 48MP to 108 or 100MP. Unfortunately, an increase in the camera pixel does not necessarily mean better performance. Presently, the likes of Samsung, Xiaomi, and other phone makers already have smartphones with the 100MP sensor. However, these smartphones still underperform Huawei in terms of imaging DxOmark’s ranking. For Yu Chengdong. Huawei’s CEO, CMOS solution with a large bottom, and a large single-pixel size remain the best. 

Yu Chengdong

On a recent Weibo message, Yu Chengdong said “A recent product analysis of the mobile phone camera solution shows that the actual photo effect of 100MP is not as good as the sensor with large pixels at the bottom. Even if the 100MP combines multiple small pixels to synthesize large pixels, it still has gaps

Yu Chengdong further pointed out, “The effect of taking pictures is not simply related to the number of pixels. This is a systematic project, including the result of the synergy of the number of pixels, pixel size, original processor, software algorithm, and chip capabilities. It requires a lot of investment and continuous technical accumulation. “

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For Yu Chengdong, his technical abilities are fair enough. He brought back comments on his previous comments on 2K screens. He claims that when he talked about 2K screens many years ago, it was amusing to many people. However, the time has proven that his statements were true.

Yu Chengdong’s statement on 2K screens was as far back as 2014/2015. At that time, Yu Chengdong’s view was that if the display is less than 6-inches, there will not be a significant difference between 2K and FHD. The former will increase the power consumption and affect the battery life of the phone. He believes that this does not offer a user-friendly experience. The likes of Meizu MX4 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and some Xiaomi phones use this solution and are bad.

Finally, Yu Chengdong concludes that it is better to create products that are user-friendly. He believes in products that offer a seamless user experience. For him, this is better than stacking devices with high-sounding parameters. This is probably the reason why Huawei is yet to launch a smartphone with the 108MP sensor.

Yu Chengdong

Looking at the top 5 smartphones on DxOMark ranking, only the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro uses a 108MP sensor. Even at that, it ranks fourth. The Huawei P40 Pro, Honor 30 Pro+ and Oppo Find X2 Pro ranks first to third. These smartphones use 50MP, 50MP, and 48MP main camera respectively.

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