Huawei semiconductor project to start from the root – 45nm process in sight

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Huawei’s recent predicament is basically due to the fact that it has American technology in its production line. Now, it can no longer use Google Moblie Services and this is a downside for the company. Furthermore, it can not also use American technology at TSMC. This is also killing the company’s chip production lineup. To address the former, it released its own Hongmeng system which is still developing. Recent reports also show that Huawei will start its semiconductor project. The Huawei semiconductor project is called the “Tashan Project”.

Huawei semiconductor project

“Tashan Project” will start from the very beginning

Huawei’s consumer business CEO, Yu Chengdong, the company proposes to start with root technology to create a new ecosystem. In terms of semiconductors, Huawei will start from the root in all directions. It hopes to make breakthroughs in basic research and precision manufacturing in physical materials science. The company is also vigorously increasing its investment in materials and core technologies. Furthermore, it hopes to identify the linkage of new materials + new processes and break through the bottleneck restricting innovation.

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According to the news from Weibo blogger @鹏鹏君, Huawei announced that its semiconductor project will start from the root in all aspects. Furthermore, the company has officially launched the “Tashan Project” internally and put forward clear strategic goals. Huawei had to start its semiconductor project because of the sanctions in the international environment.

In addition, Huawei intends to build its own chip fab, manufacture integrated circuit chip products on its own, and build a chip manufacturing plant that does not use American equipment and materials. The chip supply chain will also be independent and controllable.

According to the news, Huawei has begun to cooperate with some companies and is preparing to build a 45nm chip production line without American technology. According to its timeline, the 45nm chi will be ready by the end of the year. It is also exploring cooperation to establish a 28nm chip production line with independent technology.

Huawei semiconductor project will cooperate with some Chinese companies

Below is a list of companies that Huawei will probably cooperate with for its chip production line

  • Shanghai Microelectronics
  • Shenyang Xinyuan (CoreTech Micro)
  • Shengmei
  • Northern Huachuang
  • Zimicro (Zhongwei)
  • Shenyang Tujing
  • Shenyang Zhongke
  • Chengdu Nanko
  • Hua Hai Qingke (Huahai Zero2)
  • Beijing Zhongke Xin
  • Shanghai CST (including Wanye Enterprise)
  • Zhongke Feidian (FlyTest)
  • Shanghai RuiLi
  • Shanghai Jingji (Jingji Electronics)
  • Ceyi HongYuan
  • Zhongke Jinyuan
  • QingYi Photoelectric, etc., are on the list of Huawei’s partners.

Many of these companies or establishments are core Chinese companies. Most of these companies also do not have an international presence or recognition.

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    August 12, 2020

    I Hope TSMC is watching this closely. Coz if Huawei makes a breakthrough, it will disrupt the entire semiconductor industry globally. Thumbs up for Huawei.