6 innovative technologies from ZTE ahead of its in-display selfie camera reveal


In a couple of weeks from now, ZTE will unveil the Axon 20 5G as the world’s first commercially-available smartphone to debut with an in-display selfie camera. The handset will come with the cutting-edge specifications, after all, it’s a flagship. However, it’s hard to deny the fact that ZTE is debuting a smartphone with one of the most anticipated technologies of the last decade. The selfie snapper will have a 32MP resolution and we are curious to see how good the pictures were taken with this invisible sensor will be. The company is pretty much confident of its new smartphone and decided to build some hype using its past achievements. ZTE has made a special post highlighting all the other technologies it introduced in the market.

ZTE Grand S II – The first smartphone with voice control

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Nowadays having a voice assistant that reacts to your commands is very common. However, ZTE was the company to debut a voice assistant technology in 2014 with “real” powers for controlling your smartphone. This phone was called ZTE Grand S II, and you could even unlock the phone with your voice. Does not seems to be impressive nowadays right?

ZTE Grand SIII – The first phone with an eye-based biometric solution

ZTE Grand S3 and its EyePrint ID - YouTube

Samsung played for a long time with the concept of Iris scanning. Nowadays this feature is considered a gimmick, as it doesn’t seem to be very practical. However, before Samsung, ZTE set another record with the Grand SIII from 2015. The company took the phone to the MWC to show off its eye-based biometric solution. The technology came with an Eyeprint ID moniker and allowed the users to unlock the phone with their eyes. Interestingly enough, the feature even works with payments.

Axon Mini – the first phone with a pressure-sensitive display

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The Axon Mini was released as the first smartphone to debut with a pressure-sensitive display. It was released in July of 2015, the phone had a force touch display. It allowed the users to activate certain functions by applying pressure on the display. In that same year, Apple introduced the first iPhone with a pressure-sensitive display.

Axon M – the company’s first dual-screen device

ZTE Axon M Price in Germany 2020 & Specs - Electrorates

ZTE introduced the ZTE Axon M in 2017 with a dual-display concept. The company states that it’s the world’s first foldable dual-screen phone. However, we have to mention the 2011’s Kyocera Echo and the 2012 Sony Tablet P. Both came first with a dual-display concept. This feature never watched much of customer’s interest. However, Microsoft is sure that it will in 2020.

Axon 10 Pro – First 5G phone in China

ZTE Axon 10 Pro - Notebookcheck.info

Last year was quite important for ZTE. The company finally brought a big smartphone after all the problems it got with the US ban. The ZTE Axon 10 Pro was the first 5G smartphone to hit China as it became available along with the country’s 5G networks. It was also the first 5G smartphone in Northern Europe and the Middle East. ZTE pioneered the 5G expansion.

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Axon 11 SE 5G – the first phone with support four all 4 5G carriers in China

The Axon 11 SE 5G innovation also is all-about 5G. The phone came this year as the first smartphone to offer support for all the four carriers in China with 5G connectivity.

ZTE Axon 11 SE 5G - Full phone specifications

While some accomplishments are bigger than others, we have to say that ZTE’s appetite for innovation is remarkable. The ZTE Axon 20 5G surely will enter this list as one of the company’s most innovative smartphones. ZTE is the first courageous company to try with a in-display selfie. As good technology enthusiasts, we can’t hide our anticipation for it.

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