Samsung’s Find My Mobile Gets New Feature: Find Lost Phones Even If Disconnected

Samsung Find My Mobile

If you have a Samsung smartphone and forget where it was placed, the ‘Find My Mobile’ function will help you find it. In addition, even if you forget your password or PIN code, you can unlock the device through the ‘Find My Phone’ function. But you have to log into your Samsung account through the lost device. What if the lost device is offline?

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XDA’s Max Weinbach posted a tweet last night. He noticed that Samsung had added a new feature to ‘Find My Mobile’. The new feature relies on other Galaxy users to help find the lost device.

Samsung Find My Mobile

According to the screenshot shared by Weinbach, this offline tracking function is enabled by entering the offline search page and switching on the switch at the top of the page. According to Samsung, ‘This will allow your phone to be found by other people’s Galaxy devices even when it’s not connected to a network. It will also allow your phone to be used to scan for lost Galaxy devices that may be nearby. You can also find watches and earbuds if this was the last device they connected to.’

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In other words, if your lost phone is offline, it will still show up on another Galaxy owner’s phone if it is nearby. This also means that if someone else’s Galaxy phone is lost and offline, if the lost device is close to you, it will show up on your phone.

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Not Only Samsung But Apple As Well

iPhone users running iOS 13 have the ability to find a lost iPhone offline, as long as the phone is turned on, which is achieved through the Bluetooth function. To enable this on your, go to Settings > Tap your name at the top of the screen > Tap on Find My > Tap Find My iPhone > Toggle on Find My iPhone > Enable offline finding > Send Last Location.

Samsung Find My Mobile

Generally, the top manufacturers look at it very seriously. Recently, Apple announced its plans to extend the Find My network for locating real-world devices to third-party companies. Apple said compatible devices — including those without internet connectivity — will be able to sync to the network and become locatable when you open the Find My app.

‘Introducing a new program that will let customers locate your products using the power of the vast Find My network,” reads a developer page for the new feature, which Apple detailed today with a documentation preview. “With hundreds of millions of Apple devices around the world, advanced end-to-end encryption, and industry-leading security, users can locate their items within the Find My app with the peace of mind that their privacy is protected.’

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