Huawei’s “Mate” brand trademarks 8 new product categories


Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, is currently battling for its survival in the smartphone industry. The multiple bans from the U.S. are causing a crisis in the company. However, Huawei’s executives believe that the U.S. ban also brings opportunities. Although the company is facing a crisis, it is still developing new products. According to a recent report, Huawei will be extending its Mate brand product lineup. Huawei often uses the “Mate” brand name for flagship smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even foldable devices. 

Huawei Kirin 1020

As early as May, the company registered trademarks such as Mate Watch and Mate Pod. The new report claims that the company has now registered eight product categories in the “Mate” lineup. The trademark categories include

  • MateVR
  • MateRobot
  • MateRouter
  • MateAR
  • MateBand
  • MateRing
  • MateHome
  • MateAuto

Generally, Huawei uses the Mate brand for its high-end equipment. However, according to the trademark, the company may use it for all future products. Judging from these trademarks, Huawei seems to want to enter more intelligent fields, including robots and automobiles.

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Guo Ping speaks on Huawei’s situation

In the interactive question and answer session, a new employee asked: “The US has suppressed chips, which may have an impact on our mobile phone business. What are the company’s expectations and strategic goals for the future consumer business, especially mobile terminal equipment?”

In response, Guo Ping replied that the suppression of Huawei by the United States did not start now. “GMS was disabled last year. We have bravely launched the HMS system. It is a very difficult thing for a mobile phone company to establish an ecosystem…But after this year, we have achieved very good results, exceeding expectations. The current suppression of Kirin chips will cause certain difficulties for our terminals, especially high-end mobile phones. However, I believe we can solve them”.

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Another employee asked: “The difficulties of GMS have brought great challenges to the overseas terminal business. I want to know how you think about the user barriers of HMS and GMS, and what you think about us who are gnawing hard at these new issues. What expectations and suggestions do employees have?”

Guo Ping said, “first of all, our decision to make HMS is not a simple decision, it is difficult and challenging. However, the progress made so far is better than we expected. The world is suffering for a long time. The world is also looking forward to a new open system”.

Huawei believes that its own HMS system can succeed because it is one of the pioneers of Google’s Android. In the fall of 2007, when Google launched Android, HTC was the first to announce support, and Huawei is the second. The company believes that since it can help Android to succeed, why not make its own system successful?

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