Yu Chengdong: Huawei has no way to produce chips – a big lesson for us

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The speculation about Huawei’s Kirin chip is making waves again. It’s customary for Huawei to unveil its latest Kirin chip at the IFA conference every year. However, Huawei didn’t make any new announcements at the IFA2020 conference on September 3. Will the Kirin 9000 chip appear at Huawei’s developer conference on September 10-12? Will the Huawei Mate 40 phone launch on schedule? Huawei Consumer Business CEO, Yu Chengdong, recently said that the Kirin 9000 chip will stop production after September 15. This chip will be available but in limited quantities.

Yu Chengdong

According to reports, TSMC is currently working round the clock to deliver Huawei’s product before September 15th. Due to the U.S. ban, TSMC will ship all the relevant chips to Huawei before September 14. After this date, it can no longer have business relations with Huawei. The Chinese manufacturer has the ability to develop its own chip design, however, it does not have the production capacity. This means that it has to rely on TSMC and other OEMs.

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As early as last year, Huawei booked TSMC’s production capacity in advance, and “Kirin 9000” is a priority product. It should stock as much as possible before stopping production in mid-September this year. With the strengthening of sanctions, MediaTek and other chip makers that use American technology are unable to ship Huawei.

“Because the Chinese chip manufacturing industry is not matured, we are faced with the problem of no chips”. Yu Chengdong admitted, “the only problem now is production, Huawei has no way to produce. Chinese companies have only made designs in the process of globalization, and this is a lesson.”

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He had previously revealed that the Mate 40, which will go on sale this fall, will be equipped with a Kirin 9000. This will be Huawei’s last flagship chip, at least for now.

Chnese companies have to work together

How to solve the chip problem? Yu Chengdong believes that Huawei’s chip development must speed up. In addition, the development of the semiconductor manufacturing process mist increase. He was probably referring to the Chinese semiconductor industry. He also believes that companies must work together to figure out how to deal with it. 

In addition to the chip, the HongMeng operating system is also widely popular. Yu Chengdong explained this system is already active in smart screens. So why is it not in a smartphone yet? According to him, this system is ready for smartphones, however, there is an agreement with Google. When Huawei takes care of this, then the first HongMeng phone will arrive.

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  1. cuesta virge
    September 5, 2020

    " good.. that mean the US should tighten their grip because soon they are going to be enemies to China. A Complete DECOUPLE is a must. Technologically and financially.

  2. Jack Jupiter
    September 7, 2020

    By the same token, China can take some measures to choke essential supplies to USA.

  3. Francis Mwaura
    September 7, 2020

    In the long run USA chip makers and google will suffer business loss to China and the entire Globe. Reason: Surely as the Sun rise and sets, China or some other country in the World will finally come with alternatives which will replace USA chips and Google as the only better option of choice.