Huawei: Android ban does more good than harm – Hongmeng OS 2.0 will have a different experience

Today, Huawei held the HDC Developer Conference and officially launched Hongmeng OS 2.0. After the Hongmeng new version launch, the company also released the EMUI11. After the conference, Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei’s Consumer Business Software Department, spoke with the media. For him, Hongmeng OS is doing very well. According to him, Hongmeng OS 2.0 is completely different from the Android system.

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Wang Chenglu said “You can think of the Hongmeng OS terminals as modules rather than individual terminals. For example, why can the Windows system plug in a printer and print directly? The reason is that current printers are designed based on the Windows framework. This is also the case with Hongmeng OS 2.0, which treats an otherwise independent device as a module that can be called up at any time according to demand. There are two ways to call it, one is that users can choose it themselves, just like users choose the camera when taking pictures, and the other is that they can use it according to the system’s recommendation”.

The reason why Hongmeng OS has this feature is Huawei’s consideration for the future. Nowadays, the sales growth of mobile devices is slowing down, and the phenomenal applications born from terminal apps are not as good as ten years ago, so it’s time to explore new areas. The distribution of Hongmeng OS can include a constant stream of devices, and in the future, each terminal will be a peripheral for each other. When the terminal is no longer the protagonist, relying on Hongmeng OS will become a new breakthrough.

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EMUI 11 connects seamlessly with Hongmeng OS 2.0

Talking about Hongmeng’s operability with EMUI 11, Wang Chenglu, believes that Huawei’s disconnection from Android will definitely do more good than harm. According to him, Huawei still has a contract with Google, but after both sides fulfill the contract, Hongmeng OS will have more room to play.

“It’s only a matter of time before EMUI 11’s endpoints fully upgrade with Hongmeng OS 2.0. Huawei has already replaced almost everything inside Android. From the bottom layer to the abstraction layer, which even Google didn’t expect. After both parties have fulfilled their contract, I believe that Hongmeng OS 2.0 will bring a different experience to consumers”.

According to Mr. Wang, there’s a small goal for Hongmeng OS. The company plans to have hundreds of millions of devices with Hongmeng OS.

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