Samsung And Xiaomi Introduced Their UWB Technologies

Samsung UWG

In August, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Android’s first smartphone with UWB technology. Samsung yesterday issued a press release on its official website. The company stated that it will be committed to the development and utilization of UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology for a long time. Even the Galaxy Z Fold 2 uses this technology.

What Is UWB?

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology is a wireless carrier communication technology. It does not use a sinusoidal carrier. Instead, it uses nanosecond non-sine wave narrow pulses to transmit data. Thus, its spectrum range is very wide.

UWB technology has the advantages of low system complexity, low transmit signal power spectral density, insensitive to channel fading, low interception capability, and high positioning accuracy. It is especially suitable for high-speed wireless access in dense multipath places such as indoors.

With UWB, various devices can meet the needs of seamless intelligent connection across other smart devices. No matter whether it is remote payment or looking for a TV remote control, UWB can provide an amazing navigation accuracy. This means you can use your smartphone to find what you want.

Samsung said that the company has established a special working group in 2018. It should integrate UWB into various Samsung products, and has jointly established the FiRa Alliance with NXP and HID Global.

Xiaomi UWB Technology

Interestingly, yesterday, Xiaomi talked about its own UWB technology. According to Xiaomi’s official introduction, it is a new generation of connection technology that can accurately sense the spatial location of smart devices, just like ‘indoor GPS’. The ultra-high-precision positioning capability allows the smartphone to be pointed at the smart device.

Xiaomi has used its self-developed antenna arrangement and algorithm to modify the Xiaomi Mi 10 series smartphones and a series of smart devices to achieve centimeter-level positioning and ±3° angle measurement accuracy. Also, the company introduced ‘one-finger control’ and ‘one finger delivery’ two innovative functions.

‘One-finger control’ is: pick up the phone, point it at the smart device, and the control interface will automatically pop up. You can turn on the TV, change the desk lamp color, select songs and view lyrics. So users to everything with one finger.

‘One-finger delivery’ refers to delivery in any interface of the smartphone. You just have to point at the smart device to perform gesture operations. The current screen can be automatically delivered to the smart device such as the Xiaomi TV, touch screen speakers, and Xiaomi notebook.

As Xiaomi claims, this is only the tip of the iceberg of Xiaomi UWB technology. Soon, even through ‘pointing’, it can achieve a senseless linkage. Say, when you are close to the car door, the smartphone in your pocket will automatically unlock the door.

Xiaomi UWB

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