Sony Launches SR Display: You Can See 3D Pictures Without Wearing 3D Glasses

Sony SR Display

Sony Electronics announced yesterday that it will launch a ground-breaking new product for the first time. It’s called the ‘SR Display’. The latter uses Sony’s human eye-sensing light field display (ELFD) technology.

The display was first shown at CES in the United States in January this year. It was called the ‘eye-sensing light field display’. This technology does not require users to wear specific VR glasses or headsets. So only uses eye tracking technology to render realistic 3D objects.

Sony SR Display

The SR Display (Spatial Reality) consists of a 15.6-inch 4K LCD display. It sports a high-speed vision sensor, which can track the movement of the eyes and the position when walking around the display. There is also a micro-optical lens, located above the LCD. It can separate the left and right eye screens to create a stereo image.

It is worth mentioning that the SR Display uses top-level real-time rendering algorithms. So it needs a powerful PC with at least Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia’s RTX 2070 Super GPU.

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Who Will Be The Main Users Of SR Display?

The SR displays enable creators in various industries from automotive and industrial design to computer graphics (CG) and visual effects (VFX), as well as those in movies, to realize their creativity in stunning 3D displays. When saying this, we want you to know this is a professional tool and is not for those who just want to watch a 3D movie.

For example, in the automotive industry, there is potential to integrate the product early on in the new vehicle design ideation process, improving quality, speed and the tangible nature of the concepts themselves.

Sony SR Display

‘At Volkswagen, we’ve been evaluating Sony’s Spatial Reality Display from its early stages, and we see considerable usefulness and multiple applications throughout the ideation and design process, and even with training,’ commented Frantisek Zapletal, Virtual Engineering Lab US, Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. ‘We’re excited to continue blazing trails and collaborating with Sony to find practical use cases for this innovative product at Volkswagen.’

In terms of pricing, Sony’s suggested retail price of SR Display is $4,999.99. It will be available on Sony Store and other retailers in November.

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  1. Cinegain
    October 16, 2020

    Glassless 3D on smartphones and tablets was the latest hype like… 6 or 7 years ago.
    Yeah… like televisions, it didn't catch on.