Apple iPhone 12: Pros Vs Cons – see our final verdict

Apple released its latest iPhones a few days ago and these devices are its first-ever 5G smartphones. In addition to its support for 5G, there are other features in this phone that are worth discussing. Over the past few days, we have been discussing the operability of the new Apple iPhone 12 series. Today, we are going to look at the positive(s) versus the negative(s) of the iPhone 12. Our results are based on two things. The first is our experience with this smartphone while the second is user feedback.

Apple iPhone 12

The new iPhone has been on the market for four days, and many users already have first-hand information on the operability of this smartphone. In just a few days, what kind of feedback have users brought us? Let us take a look at the pros and cons of this smartphone before we draw a conclusion on its operability.


For smartphone design, there have not been many changes this year even in the Android camp. We were not expecting much from the iPhone 12 in terms of design. However, its design tries to combine the “old” and the “new”. Overall, we can safely say that at first glance, the iPhone 12 design is a sight to behold. However, all that glitters are not gold. It has its own complaints. Let us see the pros and the cons here


  • This time the Apple iPhone 12 uses the right-angled bezel of the iPhone 4S, which looks square, and it feels good in the hand. It feels better than the sleek bezel of the iPhone X, especially the 7.4mm thickness with right angles. The border is particularly stylish. This is much appreciated by many users so far
  • “My first impression of the iPhone 12 is “thin and light” and light design, a user said. This year’s iPhone 12 returns to the classic right-angle frame design, with a bodyweight of only 162g and a good feel. Everybody needs a smartphone that is light to handle, the iPhone 12 gives just that.


  • There is a problem with the hand-handling of this phone. Oh yes, the iPhone 12 is light to handle, however, it is not easy to handle. The iPhone 12 comes with metal edges and there have been multiple complaints with respect to these edges. If you handle this phone for a long time, as your hand becomes a bit moist, the metal becomes slippery. To prevent your phone from falling to the ground, you will sub-consciously tighten your grip on the phone. Several reports have shown that tightening your grip on the iPhone 12 leaves you with a scar on your palm. This means that the iPhone 12 edges are perhaps too sharp. This is a major flaw in the design of this phone that will force users to stick with a phone case. Please note that users with thick skin like mine do not experience this problem.

Network – 5G signal strength

The iPhone 12 series is Apple’s first-ever 5G smartphones thus we naturally expect users to assess the quality of its 5G. So far, there have been mixed reactions with respect to the network connectivity of this phone.


  • After a day of usage, the mobile signal is better than the iPhone XS.
  • In addition to the better mobile signals, the iPhone 12 offers signals in areas that barely had any network. One user claims that where his iPhone 11 offers two network bars, the Apple iPhone 12 has four bars consistently.
  • Another report on the signal says “Signal, nothing to say! It is much better than Xs Max!”. The Fuzhou Mobile 5G basically covers the entire urban area, and the speed is amazing!
  • For us, it took 40 minutes to make 12 calls for testing. The signal problem was greatly improved compared with the iPhone 11 series.
  • There is no auto-hang-up situation for the time being (the iPhone 11-series phone auto-hang-up was very serious before).


  • Some users claim that the network improvement is not significant (too small).
  • Others complained that the WiFi is very unstable
  • The searched signal is much less than that of the iPad Pro

Apple iPhone 12

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N/B: For network performance, we expect to have mixed reactions. This is because the network quality does not depend on the phone alone. The network provider and other parameters come into play.


The camera department is usually a huge plus for iPhones. Do you expect to have any cons in this department? Let’s see how it goes

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  • The camera is awesome! The night view mode turns on automatically, and the imaging effect is really good! Video stabilization is also good!
  • The filter mode is quite good. Many Android phones are still many miles away from these tones even though there are good imitations. Apple was able to improve its tones.
  • Image quality is perfect and there is little or no noise even in a low-light environment


  • The ghost gate of the iPhone 12 has always existed in the night scene, and the sky will be reflected when taking photos at night. It is like this with the iPhone 11 series and the iPhone 12 did not improve on this at all
  • The sharpness of the iPhone 12 photos is not particularly high. However, this may be a pro rather than a con. This is because Apple may have deliberately set the sharpness this way, in pursuit of a more realistic overall feeling.

Battery Endurance

In all honesty, there have been a lot of negative reports with respect to the iPhone 12 series battery. For starters, the Apple iPhone 12 comes with a 2851 mAh battery. This may be discouraging for many because the average battery capacity for most Android flagships is 4000 mAh. However, the battery size does not entirely determine its performance. There are some optimizations that could make a small battery perform better. Let’s look at some tests of the iPhone 12 battery

  • User 1: Play movies for 1 hour and 36 minutes (volume up to 80%), the battery drops by 25%. The special effects of the King of Glory were fully turned on for an hour, and the battery dropped by 29%. The smartphone was very hot and the temperature reached 43.2 degrees Celsius.
  • User 2: It was fully charged before going to bed at night, and 2% of the battery was lost in standby overnight. Get up at 7 o’clock and connect to WIFI to watch the news and refresh the news until 8 o’clock, leaving 90%. Go out and turn on automatic 5G (this automatic 5G is basically equivalent to 5G resident, automatic switching). I then used it under 5G all the way (screen brightness is about 60%, and kept swiping to see WeChat, QQ, and other forums). At 9.55, there was 55% left (35% dropped, about 17% in an hour) and I played for 15 minutes of Honor of Kings, 13% of the power was lost, and then I continued to swipe the phone. Finally, a low battery prompt appeared at 11.05. A single full charge per day is certainly not enough for the iPhone 12. It needs three or more full charges per day depending on the user.
  • The iPhone 12 battery capacity and performance are lower than the previous generation.
  • Overheating issues with the iPhone 12 during charging or usage is common

Wireless Charging is not particularly interesting

Apple uses the MagSafe 15W wireless charging for the iPhone 12 series. 15W? Seriously?. This is far behind the competition. Using the 20W USB-C charger, this phone can get a full charge in about an hour which is not bad. However, it takes the MagSafe wireless charger an hour to get to 50%. This is very poor considering that the battery is not even up to 3000 mAh.

Final Verdict

Overall, we think Apple fanboys will be very comfortable with this device. There is a very serious flaw with the design though. Apple may need to make those edges smoother in subsequent remakes. For now, stick with your phone case to avoid injuries. If your skin is pretty thick like mine, then you do not have a problem. We can safely say that the network and camera of the iPhone 12 are great. However, the battery!!!, battery!!!, battery!!!. There is nothing positive about the iPhone 12 battery. It is smaller than its predecessor in all ramifications. The charging capacity is also slow. We give this smartphone a pass mark in every other aspect save the battery, that is a huge minus. From an Android fanboy point of view, the iPhone 12 battery is at best, laughable.

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