Galaxy S21 Ultra might have this most requested feature that S20 lacks!

Samsung Galaxy S21

It looks like Samsung is looking to do things differently in 2021. At least, that’s true for the upcoming flagship offering. Instead of February, the South Korean giant will launch its next-gen Galaxy S21 flagship lineup early. According to a few reports, the flagship trio might see its official announcement on January 14 next year. Not only this, Samsung might even open up the pre-booking the same day with the device be up for grabs from January 29. ‘

So far, a lot of reports, rumors, and leaks have already knocked at our doorstep. Well, this rumor mill will see more such leaks as we will move closer to the tentative launch timeline. Of course, the Galaxy S21 lineup will try to bring those features that were missing from its predecessor. Well, we’re now looking at a new feature that Galaxy S20 users were dying to get on their smartphones. Yes! We’re talking about the 120Hz refresh rate at QHD resolution.

Galaxy S21 Ultra might support a 120Hz refresh rate at QHD resolution!

While Samsung introduced 120Hz high refresh rate display panels with its Galaxy S20 trio, the smartphone maker limited the refresh rate to 1080p resolution. This means that users were unable to enjoy the goodness of the device’s display panel in entirety. Well, that will change with the top-end Galaxy S21 Ultra. For those who’re unaware, the lineup will consist of three devices namely Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra. The report further adds that Galaxy S21 Ultra will retain the basic display specs of its predecessor i.e. S20 Ultra. This means that you will not find anything significant when it comes to the display panel of S20 Ultra.

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If you were expecting the chaebol to move over to the 4K display panel, then you might be left disappointed. While a 4K display panel would be a significant upgrade, the display panel wouldn’t be that much practical. Firstly, the media industry still hasn’t cope up with the 4K content and it looks like that is not going to happen anytime soon. Secondly, the 4K display panel on smartphones will definitely add up some hefty bucks. There is no point in spending that extra hard-earned money on a tech that would have next to negligible practical usage.

With that said, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will definitely allow the users to enjoy a high refresh rate at QHD resolution giving you the best of both worlds. It would be interesting to see whether the same will be available for the other two devices in the lineup.

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  1. Vincent
    November 10, 2020

    Maybe for China 4K displays has "no practical use" but in the rest of world, we have 4K Netflix, etc. that would fit perfect for our mobile viewing needs.

    As a tech blog, the GOAL should be to endorse future tech growth, not flame it because its not available in certain areas.