Samsung will use AI to break through the on-screen camera technology

The on-screen camera technology is one of the latest tech in the smartphone industry. In fact, this technology is not quite ready for use and there are still some obstacles to scale through. The first commercial device with this technology is the ZTE Axon 20 5G. However, there are numerous questions regarding the performance of the camera. The Axonn 20 5G front camera output is somewhat disappointing. South Korean manufacturer, Samsung has been working on this technology.

ZTE Axon 20 5G

According to Samsung, the on-screen technology is not yet mature enough to be on its equipment. However, users may not be very patient and will want to see an innovation soon. There are reports that the company is preparing to showcase this technology at the 2021 electronic imaging conference. This conference will hold from January 18 to 28, 2021.

At the conference, Samsung will publish two papers related to the on-screen camera development. According to reports, these papers will show how Samsung will use AI to break through the bottleneck of the on-screen camera technology. 


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One of the papers with the title “Recovering the on-screen camera image through diffraction compensation” is a physics-based method. However, the article with the title “Using deep learning to fix the on-screen Quad Bayer image” is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) paper. According to rumors, Samsung is studying UDC technology for the Galaxy Note 21. However, there is no official statement to this and we may not see results until 2022.

Samsung Display extends LCD panel production in South Korea

According to Samsung Display, due to the huge demand in South Korea, it will indefinitely extend its production of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panels for TVs and monitors in South Korea. This decision replaces Samsung’s plan to suspend the production of LCD panels. Back in March, Samsung said that it will stop the production of LCD panels before the end of this year. The South Korean manufacturer hopes to concentrate on more advanced technologies.

Samsung Display

According to TrendForce, Samsung’s delay in closing the LCD panel plant will increase the production area in the second quarter of next year by 2.2%. However, there will still be a risk of material shortages in the second quarter. In addition, the demand will still be high. With Samsung’s latest decision, the supply and demand can still maintain a balance.

Samsung Display’s South Korean LCD production line will still have one 7th-generation line and two 8.5-generation production lines in operation until the first quarter of 2021. It is expected that only one 8.5-generation line will remain in normal production until the fourth quarter of 2021.

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In addition, although Samsung Display intends to extend the LCD production time, TrendForce expects to extend it only by the end of 2021, not indefinitely. “Samsung Display plans to continue to produce liquid crystal display (LCD) panels until the end of 2021, which will increase the risk of oversupply in the second half of next year, but supply and demand will be roughly balanced in the second quarter of next year“.

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