Apple iPhone 13 Pro will have a 1TB storage version

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Presently, the Apple iPhone 13 (or maybe iPhone 12s) is still in development. As of now, only the prototype of this phone is available. According to recent information, some prototypes of the iPhone 13 have a 1TB storage capacity. This is twice the maximum capacity of the current model. In addition, the same source claims that Apple is still working to reduce the size of the iPhone 13 notch.

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The whistleblower Jon Prosser said: “We are in the early stages of the iPhone 13 and we only have prototypes for reference, which means that there is actually not much certain. But I’ll tell you, Most of these prototypes, I was told, do have 1TB of storage space.”

According to Prosser back in October, Apple is already considering doubling the storage capacity. The iPhone 6s in 2015 was the last iPhone with a maximum capacity of 128GB. The iPhone 7 increased to 256GB, and then the iPhone XS jumped to 512GB after two years. This is still the maximum storage capacity of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. Apple thinks it’s time to increase capacity again.

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However, not all iPhone 13 models will have so much storage space. At present, the minimum storage capacity of the Pro series is 128GB. The minimum storage will most likely not change. Furthermore, Prosser claims that some sources have seen the CAD file of the upcoming iPhone, in which the notch on the screen has become smaller. “The CAD file of this prototype shows that the notch actually looks shorter, not narrower.”

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AppleTrack has given an accuracy rate of 79.2% for Jon Prosser’s previous speculations, ranking in the top 6 of Apple’s related leaks. In any case, these revelations are not official which means that it could change.

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s – which will it be?

There have been questions regarding the name of Apple’s upcoming series. Will it be iPhone 13 series or iPhone 12s series? Analysts believe that Apple will skip the “iPhone 13” because the number “13” is spooky in many western cultures. Technology manufacturers do this from time to time. Remember that Qualcomm recently adopted the number “888” for its latest flagship because it is a lucky number in China. There are reports that Apple will rather settle for “iPhone 12s” instead of iPhone 13. Furthermore, “s” with a smartphone usually refers to an upgrade to the original digital version. Thus, Apple’s next flagship is the iPhone 12s, it will just be an upgrade of the iPhone 12.

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