Facebook will block all vaccine-related rumors – not just COVID-19 vaccine

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The internet is the best place to get information on any topic that you need. However, we have to be very careful because the internet contains a lot of false information. As the global battle about the coronavirus pandemic enters the vaccination stage, there are tons of reports regarding available vaccines. However, there is endless false information about the COVID-19 vaccines and other vaccines. To this end, American social media giant, Facebook announced that it will block all false information about the coronavirus vaccine. In fact, it will also block false information regarding non-COVID-19 vaccines.

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During the pandemic period, Facebook had to create a list of false health information that it blocks. The company announced on Monday that it will expand the list and block rumors about vaccines generally. For example, those rumors that vaccines are poisonous and that vaccination will cause autism.

Furthermore, fake information like “the new coronavirus is man-made” will not have a place on Facebook. In addition, rumors that the coronavirus vaccine is dangerous will not appear on Facebook. The software giant will prevent such information from appearing on its platform. Prior to this, Facebook had banned these statements from appearing in advertisements. The company will also delete groups, pages, and user accounts where these vaccine rumors appear in the future.

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Coronavirus vaccine rumors on Facebook

At the heart of the global pandemic, Facebook took strict measures to combat the vaccine rumors. However, it has been laissez-faire about other vaccine rumors. These vaccine rumors were rarely deleted unless they are considered to be an immediate risk of health damage. However, this will no longer be the case with Facebook. 

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According to Facebook, any public opinion that health experts consider false, it will delete it. If the information receives a high level of criticism from public health experts, it will also delete it. Despite Facebook making this statement in December, there are many coronavirus vaccine rumors on the platform. Facebook pages, groups, and user accounts of Facebook’s subsidiary Instagram are still spreading the rumors. 

Facebook will also let users know when and where they can get the new coronavirus vaccine. The company will cooperate with Johns Hopkins University and the American Association of Retired Persons to pass vaccination science information to African American, Latino, and Native American groups as well as Americans over 50 years old. It will also pay attention to these groups for reports on the coronavirus vaccine. 

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