PS5 software update will finally bring support for SSD expansion


Sony made quite a buzz using the PlayStation 5 super-fast SSD as one of its main selling points. The solid-state drive really pushes the new generation forward with almost unixestent loading times. However, there is a small problem that came with it. It’s too easy to fill it up. Nowadays, games are getting bigger and bigger, and this is a tendency for the next-gen games. For instance, the Call of Duty Warzone can easily fill the PS5 675GB of free space. The console comes with a slot for an SSD (M2).

However, it is disabled since launch. This is about to change soon as Sony will finally give users the ability to add more space on the PS5. An update to an additional SSD is planned for mid-year. According to a report from Bloomberg, support for additional SSDs will come along with an update that will accelerate the console’s fan to prevent overheating.

Sony is already developing a firmware update that will enable SSD expansion

After the firmware upgrade is released, users can easily attach a new SSD storage device. And the process to install a new SSD looks very simple, as demonstrated in the video made by Sony that you can check out below.

The PS5 comes with an easy-to-access slot for a secondary SSD. Once you access the slot you only need to attach the new SSD. Now, the question that remains is which SSDs will be supported by the PS5. So far, we assume that the console will need an expansion device capable of operating at the same write and read speed, or that at least gives a close value. Until the moment, Sony didn’t reveal a proprietary SSD for storage expansion. We expect the company to announce its own set of SSDs shortly before the update. In the same way, it probably will share the recommended specs for using third-party SSDs. Worth noting that up to the moment, it’s possible to use an external HDD for storing PS4 games. However, you will need to deal with the reading times of common HDDs.


PS5 fan will also be optimized

Back in October 2020, Sony pointed to a possible optimization in the PlayStation 5 cooling system via a software update. Yasuhiro Ootori, VP of mechanical design at SIE, stated that the fans will adapt their performance according to the particularities of each game based on APU (Acceleration Processing Unit).

“Several games will be released in the future, and information on APU behavior will be collected. We have a plan to optimize cooling based on the data obtained. ”

According to Yasuhiro, the console has internal temperature sensors that operate in conjunction with the acceleration unit. They will adjust the speed of the fans. All this was planned so that Sony can, through software updates, continue to improve the performance of the console.

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