You can not edit tweets, but you will soon be able to unsend them


On social media, there is usually a lot of pressure on the handlers to include certain features to make operation seamless. However, it is not up to the users to decide which feature(s) gets to enter the network. For a long time, there have been requests for Twitter to include the “Edit” button. Apart from Facebook, other popular social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram do not have the “Edit” button. Well, Twitter won’t be getting the “Edit” button, however, users can “unsend” tweets.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, a prolific engineer, Twitter is working on a new feature which it calls “Undo Send”. As the name implies, users will be able to unsend their tweets or messages. However, this can only happen if they are fast enough. The report claims that users will have only a few seconds to successfully unsend tweets after posting them.

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Users have only 5-seconds to unsend tweets

The GIF video that accompanies the tweet shows that after posting the tweet, the Undo Send feature will bring up a new notification. However, the Undo Send feature is not alone, it comes with a timer. Users can click on the Undo button before the timer runs out. However, users will have to be very swift because the timer appears very short. An attempt to determine the time with a stopwatch shows that it is no longer than 5 seconds.

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This is a very short time span for users to correct any embarrassing mistake that may be on the tweet. Nevertheless, this is not the first report regarding the Undo Send feature for Twitter. A few months ago, Matt Navarra, a popular tipster revealed that Twitter is considering this feature. However, his report claims that Twitter is considering it as part of its subscription service.

In addition, the report shows that there will be a 30-second unsend tweet window. However, it appears that Twitter will no longer use this feature. In addition, the new Undo Send feature comes with a much shorter time to make amends. According to reports, Twitter will no longer monetize this feature so we can understand the 5-second window.

Another possibility is that the 5-second Undo Send window will be available to all users for free. However, to get a longer Undo Send window, you will have to pay for it.

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