5 Brain training websites and games to try

brain training

From Sudoku and Crossword puzzles to specialized websites and apps for brain training, there are plenty of resources available that are available for brain training.

Brain Training helps improve your memory, your thinking capability, your response time, your logical thinking skills, and much more. Brain Training is like a mental workout, where you are giving your brain the required mental exercise. If you would like to give your brain the much-required workout and have fun then here are 5 Brain Training Websites and Games To Try:


Sudoku is a game that will definitely keep your brain active. It is a classic number placement game that relies on your short-term memory. In Sudoku, you have a 9×9 grid and 3×3 sub-grids. You will have to fill the grid in such a way that there is no repetition of the number both vertically and horizontally. So, each of the numbers from 1-9 repeats only once, both horizontally and vertically.

Sudoku is easily accessible. You can find it in newspapers, buy a sudoku puzzle collection book, or play it on the internet. There are various degrees of difficulties in Sudoku such as easy, medium and Sudoku Evil that you can try and test your brainpower.


Everyone is familiar with Crossword Puzzles, the classic brain trainers which not only assess your verbal language and your vocabulary but also your memory from different dimensions of knowledge.

Just like Sudoku puzzles, Crossword puzzles are also accessible easily, both online and offline. You can find crossword puzzles in newspapers, puzzle books, online. There are many popular versions of crossword puzzles, with the NY Times Crossword puzzles being the most popular one.

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Lumosity is an advanced brain training and mental training website that also has mobile apps available. You can easily sign up for a free account and play up to three games per day or you can subscribe to a paid subscription for more content. You also get to keep a track of your results and how much you have improved.

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You will find different sorts of mental fitness games, tests, and activities on Lumosity, all of which are backed up by science. You can easily play the games and take the tests from your mobile through the dedicated app or directly from the website.


Elevate is another platform that has a lot of useful stuff for brain training and mental assessment. You can get access to over 35 (and counting) different brain training games, all of which have a strong educational touch to them.

The app is available for free on both Android and iOS, with in-app purchases available.  All of the brain training games that you will find in Elevate games center are focused on reading, writing, speaking, and mathematics. You also get the option to customize the training to focus on the area that you want to work on and just like other platforms, you can also track your progress and see your improvement.


Queendom is a website that has hundreds of different personality tests and surveys along with brain tools including those for logic, verbal, spatial, and math. You also get different trivia quizzes and aptitude tests that you need to keep your brain active.

The services available on the website are both free and paid. You need a free account to save the results and scores. For some tests, the results will be displayed for free while for others, you will get a snapshot of results for free and will be charged a fee for full results.

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