App developers are fearful of Apple and Google policies

The conflict between Apple and Epic Game, which other companies have joined; is far from its termination and the battle continues. The conflicting parties managed to draw attention to the problem from the authorities; and the US Senate began to deal with what was happening.

Hearings were held yesterday at the legislature’s judiciary committee on competition, antitrust compliance and consumer rights from Apple and Google app stores. Both representatives of the two companies and application developers were invited to it.

During the discussion of the topic; the software developers expressed their displeasure with the large commissions that Apple and Google charge for any transactions within the applications. But even more worrisome is the company’s policies regarding the operation of their own app stores. In particular, nothing prevents the two giants from changing the rules of the game;  and expelling unwanted apps from the shelves for any offense. If you disobey, there is a risk of being kicked out. This is exactly what happened with Epic Game; which, contrary to the rules set by Apple, added its own payment tool to the Fortnite game.

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Apple and Google are ready to pursue anyone who dares to infringe on their foundations in the App Store and Google Play

Developers oppose the monopoly created by Google and Apple. They dictate the rules, and software creators should obey them; if they want their creations to hit the App Store and Google Play. But all this leads to the fact that small developers are closing promising projects; while others – to cut their own funding just to withstand a 30% fee.

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Interestingly, during the hearing, application developers complained about threats that they receive from Apple and Google if they suddenly speak unflatteringly about the companies’ policies regarding their own app stores. Naturally, both giants deny the charges and add that they need a 30% fee; to cover the costs of distributing applications and ensuring their security.

Let’s see how the confrontation will end, whether the application developers, with the help of the authorities, will be able to bring Apple and Google back to the right path.

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