Pavel Durov attacked Apple and called iPhone owners digital slaves

Those who follow the news in the world of technology have noticed that Pavel Durov’s attitude towards Apple is far from warm. The founder of Telegram took it as a habit to criticize the Cupertino-based company and release various taunts at it or at its products. So, earlier he said that Apple is robbing developers, using them as a source of profit, charging a commission on in-app sales, and also spoke extremely negatively about the iPhone 12 Pro, calling it bulky and archaic.

Pavel Durov attacked Apple and called iPhone owners digital slaves

Now there was another attack, but now Pavel Durov decided to attack not only Apple, but also its fans. On his Telegram channel, he decided to comment on an article by The Times, in which Apple was accused of large-scale surveillance and censorship at the behest of China. He said that the company is trampling on users’ freedoms.

Then he decided to take a closer look at Apple, saying that “it is very effectively implementing its business model based on the sale of obsolete equipment at an inflated price to customers locked in their ecosystem”.

Then Durov said that every time he has to test Telegram on iOS devices; he gets the feeling that he is in the Middle Ages. According to him, 60Hz displays on iPhones are not able to compete with 120Hz displays on modern Android smartphones; which offer much smoother animations.

Pavel Durov called Apple devices slow and with outdated equipment. Those who own the iPhone, he called “digital slaves”. After all, they can use only those applications that Apple allows access to. For example, backups are only available on iCloud. So he is not at all surprised that the Chinese Communist Party has appreciated Apple’s totalitarian approach; and thanks to it “now has complete control over the applications and data of all its citizens who rely on the iPhone”.

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Apple fights to protect personal data, but makes an exception for China

On the outskirts of the Chinese city of Guyang, a building was recently erected to house Apple’s new data center. Its servers will store Chinese user data and will be managed by a Chinese government firm. Tim Cook claims that the data of Chinese users will be completely safe; but it is clear that Apple has largely ceded control of it to the Chinese government.

Chinese government officials physically control computers that store personal information of Chinese users. In addition, due to the ban by the Chinese authorities, Apple has abandoned the use of encryption technologies; that are in use by the company in other regions. Even digital keys that open access to users’ personal information are available in the Chinese data center.

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