Xiaomi fans ask the company to pay attention to the problems of MIUI


Xiaomi is having problems with its proprietary MIUI skin. Defective firmware at the start of sales, constant interruptions in the quality and efficiency of updates, spying on users and, of course, the topic of advertising in the user interface of branded smartphones, which has caused a lot of controversies. Add to this the constant desire of the company to somehow deprive users in the global market, when it makes a number of features exclusive only for the Chinese market.

The patience of a number of users has run out, and they are trying to reach out to Xiaomi. They wrote an open letter aiming to achieve better support for the global versions of MIUI. At the beginning of the message, enthusiasts reminded the company that at the dawn of its formation, it set itself the goal of creating high-quality and affordable devices, one of the components of which was the proprietary MIUI firmware.

But recently, it has begun to move away from this concept and one of the main problems has become the Global ROM MIUI, where a number of Xiaomi applications have been replaced with counterparts from Google. Among the main shortcomings of the global version of the firmware, they cite poor optimization, the presence of serious bugs and terrible support.

It takes developers months to fix bugs, and users experience “pain” all this time. The company’s employees should regularly visit various forums and social networks in order to understand the scale of the problems and hear thousands of users who ask to fix mistakes and bring MIUI to mind.

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Xiaomi fans ask the company to pay attention to the problems of MIU


In the letter, enthusiasts also emphasize that the functionality of the Chinese and global versions of MIUI is different; and not in favor of the Global ROM. The functionality of China ROM MIUI is richer, more thoughtful and the firmware itself is more stable. Many errors are related to optimization; for example, the camera of the Chinese Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro makes better photos than its global counterpart.

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Among the reasons for poor support, enthusiasts cite the diversity of lineups. The company is releasing too many devices, which means that the number of models that need support is growing. Developers simply do not have time to cope with a huge array of software and problems in it. As a result, support and users themselves suffer.

Among other complaints against Xiaomi, it was said that it does not bring a large number of its gadgets that are part of the company’s ecosystem to the global market. Users are also unhappy with the rise in prices for Xiaomi products. The price is rising and support is getting worse.

They stated that Xiaomi is no longer the company that produced devices with an optimal price/quality ratio; where the user and his needs were in the first place, not sales. It is hoped that the company will hear its fans outside of China; and return to its roots, as well as focus more on software.

If you are among those who agree with this return and also hope that Xiaomi will hear you, then sign up under an open letter by following the link.

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  1. Wagaba_bobo
    May 30, 2021

    "xiaomi spying on its users"

    They used search data on their browser much like how Google does for marketing analytics…. Their OS itself does not steal your data.

  2. Freeje238
    May 30, 2021

    Great hardware but poor software. No choice but to keep the Chinese ROM and try to get around its deficiencies.

  3. if u want to love any girl see this status
    May 31, 2021

    Redmi note 9 pro max didnt get any update . Why xiaomi is neglect this divice.. Even when didn't get 12.5 update.. I'm using xiaomi mobiles from last 6years.. Because there is update are good soo im suggest xiaomi only… Now I won't to drop the brand and I want to move up to another brand.. Not getting any updates for redmi note 9 pro max

  4. Saif Ul Islam
    May 31, 2021

    spying on users !!!!…. its what all the companies do…. if you say only xiaomi is spying than google, apple, microsoft etc. already have all of our data…….

  5. Cyril Dieudonne
    May 31, 2021

    If my neighbor kills his wife, it doesn't give me the right to kill mine.

  6. Pan Mor
    May 31, 2021

    Very true. The MiUI is terribly ski and some time I have to reboot the phone. At the time of emergency my Xiomi 10T gives me problem.

  7. Jeton Krasniqi
    May 31, 2021

    To much problems with xiaomi mi 10t i have problem even with call sensor sometimes my screen stays on when i make phonecall

  8. Saif Ul Islam
    June 1, 2021

    they in their browser needs to send the search info for a result….. and its not as serious as killing someone ! … what harm will these companies do to us by just collecting what we search…. they are not accessing my location…. even if they wants to do new android 12 update won't let it happen.. popular smartphone companies even apple was seen to collect this data… and until now these companies didn't make humans life unbearable…. so there is no reason to worry about this…. Xiaomi provides their devices in a budget…. so i won't regret to give them my search data on behalf of that…..

  9. Saif Ul Islam
    June 1, 2021

    maybe it is because of dirt on the sensor…. maybe cleaning the sensor will work

  10. emmanuel alicna
    June 6, 2021

    We need to improve miui ram management, and fps drop also the heating issue and the improve the battery usage focos in smooth of the ui the the ram management this is for global version