5G users in South Korea exceed 15 million – 2G is going down this month

5G users

South Korea is the first country in the world to launch 5G commercial services. Like other countries, the number of 5G users in South Korea continues to increase, rising to tens of millions this year. According to data from the Ministry of Science, Information and Communication Technology of South Korea, 5G users in South Korea hit 15.15 million in April. This is an increase of 617,000 from the end of March.

5G users

The proportion of 5G users in Korean mobile communication has also increased significantly. The ministry’s data also reveals that there are currently 71.27 million mobile communication users in South Korea. This means that 5G users account for 21.25%.

With the expansion of 5G network coverage and the introduction of more 5G smartphones, 5G users in South Korea will continue to increase for some time to come. In the following years, it will surely occupy a dominant position.

South Korea to eliminate 2G network this month

South Korea is quite advance when it comes to mobile networks. It is not entirely surprising that the country will completely phase out the world‘s first commercial code division multiple access networks this month. As the commercialization of 5G continues to expand in different regions, older network solutions will go into extinction. South Korean telecom operator, LG U+ (LG Uplus) has the only surviving 2G network in the country. According to the company, it will see the end of 2G this month

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2g network

According to LG U+, it has applied to the government to terminate 2G business operations. As early as 2012, Korea Telecom (KT) closed its 2G network. In addition, SK Telecom, another carrier in South Korea ended its 2G network in July last year. This means that with LG U+ leaving the party, 2G will be completely out of South Korea.

LG U+ claims that with the launch of new networks including 5G, 2G networks are basically desolate. There are no latest equipment for this network and even devices supporting this network are no longer available. This has led to a significant decrease in users.

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According to the South Korean Ministry of ICT, as of the end of November last year, LG U+ had 374,000 2G users. This makes up only 2.5% of the operator’s 14.8 million users. LG U+ said that with the shutdown of the 2G business, the company will focus on improving 5G services. Currently, the company has over 2.5 million 5G users. South Korea is the first country to launch 2G mobile services back in 1996. This network has been around for about 25 years.

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