OnePlus urges its employees not to answer OS questions related to Oppo

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OnePlus, which has positioned itself as an independent brand since its inception, this week announced increased integration with Oppo. The merger processes that began in recent years have already become the reason for the departure of one of the founders of the company, Carl Pei, and later led to the fact that in China OnePlus smartphones began to come out with the Oppo ColorOS shell.

The convergence processes turned out to be effective and brought their positive results, so it was decided to further integrate the two companies. The fact that Oppo and OnePlus were closely related was not a big secret, but from now on they will become even closer. There were announcements that OnePlus will retain its independence.

The general and abstract language in the press release on the merger did not fully clear the business model adopted by both companies, for which they started all the fuss with “deep integration”. But it seems that the companies do not intend to concretize or clearly make it clear to a wide audience what the hierarchy will be in this alliance.

OnePlus urges its employees not to answer OS questions related to Oppo


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So, the famous insider Evan Blass got into the hands of a memo for OnePlus employees; where, in addition to the narration about the merger, there is an “Important Note”. They urge the company’s employees not to answer any questions regarding OxygenOS, ColorOS; or how the increased integration is affecting them. It is recommend to give an abstract answer: “We do not currently have updates for operating systems. Follow our official channels”.

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This behavior of the company is not only incomprehensible, but can also cause alarm among OnePlus fans outside of China. While it has already been confirmed that global versions of smartphones will continue to ship with OxygenOS; an internal memo casts doubt that this will always be the case. It is very likely that, first of all, the efforts of the two companies will be aimed at creating a unified software based on the developments of ColorOS. You cannot write off the transfer of all OnePlus devices to ColorOS.

There are a couple more interesting points in the memo. So, Pete Lau is named the founder of OnePlus; but the name of Carl Pei was prudently missing as if there was no such co-founder. In addition, the message expressed the idea of ​​a desire to lure other Android and iOS users into your ecosystem. Apparently, the company plans not only to increase its portfolio of products; but also to offer those that are compatible with the iPhone.

It would be nice for OnePlus to respond to this leak and provide an exhaustive commentary; explaining the purpose and idea of ​​”deep integration” of the two companies.

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