Flagship Blackview A100 with Helio P70 launched for just $139.99

Blackview A100

As tech giants are in a race for a bigger share in the high-end phone market, Blackview has achieved its ambition of combining high-end features with affordable price for its new product. In June, Blackview launched its most powerful smartphone, called A100. 

Blackview started with rugged outdoor phones in 2013 to gain entry to the already crowded phone market. With the accumulation of global reputation for good quality in following years, it has gradually branched out into stylish smartphones, tablets and wearable devices by undercutting its competitors without sacrificing quality.  Therefore, Blackview A100, boasting powerful features like never before, is definitely worth getting excited about.

Sony IMX362, solid with photography

Blackview A100’s camera capabilities have been tuned to capture photos at high quality across a range of scenarios, even in the night. It has a 12MP Sony camera, a 8MP wide-angle camera and a depth camera on the back. The 12MP main camera is equipped with the industry-leading Sony IMX362 sensor, which features 1.4µm large pixels.

“The number of digital camera megapixels seems to increase every year. After a certain point, cramming more pixels into the same size camera image sensor does not always equal much better image quality,” an expert said that the pixel size also matters, “A larger pixel will absorb more light and information about that light than a smaller pixel. More information about the light in a scene means the scene you are taking pictures of will be reproduced with more accuracy.” Thanks to 1.4µm large pixels, Blackview A100 has improved light sensitivity, delivering brighter and clearer detail. 


The Blackview A100 is also equipped with the powerful dual pixel autofocus technology and closed-loop VCM, both of which increase the autofocus speed and accuracy, making it easier to immediately capture the moment you want.

Furthermore, combining exceptional hardware with cutting edge software for its cameras, Blackview A100 delivers HDR, face beauty, portrait color and night mode functions, all of which aim to enable you to capture the moment like a professional photographer.

MediaTek Helio P70, 6GB RAM & 128GB ROM, great for gaming

The Mediatek Helio P70 is an upper mainstream ARM SoC adopted by Vivo, Oppo, realme and some other top brands.  Powered by MediaTek Helio P70 octa-core processor, A100 comes with fully upgraded CPU, GPU, AI performance and more, delivering reliable and smooth performance in all respects. Generally, Blackview A100 boasts 13% more performance, 10-30% more AI processing efficiency, and saving up to 35% on power versus its predecessor and other phones powered by P60.

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A100 is especially great for gaming. According to Mediatek’s official website, Helio P70 includes unique optimizations to enhance software multi-threading, reduce frame-rate jitter, and provide latency improvements in critical user areas such as touch controls, display visuals and networking. Furthermore, by combining Helio P70 with 6GB DDR4 RAM, 128GB ROM, and built-in Game Mode, A100 is engineered to deliver a highly responsive and fluid gaming experience.

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Doke OS 2.0, the key to smart life

For the past few years, Blackview has been working on OS development. Blackview A100 adopts the newest optimized OS, called Doke OS 2.0.

Based on Android 11, Doke OS 2.0 has a bunch of improvements to make it delightful and smooth. For example, the Game Mode is an ultimate game experience booster by  freeing up RAM and blocking incoming calls and notifications. Bedtime (Reading) Mode turns the screen gray and gives your phone the feel of an e-reader. And with Adjustable Color Temperature, you are allowed to choose a warmer color temperature in dark rooms and a colder temperature in bright rooms.

Besides, thanks to the Cold Room, System Manager and more optimizations in detail, this new OS runs smoothly even after your phone has been used for a long time and delivers enhanced privacy protection to secure your sensitive information.

6.67″ FHD+ display & stylish appearance

Featuring a 6.67 inch FHD+display, Blackview A100 brings vibrant colors, bold contrast and sharp details, helping users capture every detail on their screen. And in order to minimize interruptions, this phone is engineered to have a tiny punch hole centered at the top for the front camera, interpreting the beauty of symmetry and simplicity. 

Blackview A100


As for the back cover, it is inspired by the galaxy’s glittering shining stars and redefines how Blackview interprets the beauty of light and shadow. Thanks to the innovative vacuum coating technology, Blackview A100 comes in four colors—Dream pink, Frost green, Galaxy blue and Graphite gray—to cater for different tastes.

More features 

  • Multi-function NFC: turn your phone into a pass for public transportation, and allows you to unlock NFC-enabled doors and share files with other smartphones. 
  • Side-mounted Fingerprint Sensor: the power button and the side-mounted fingerprint sensor are combined into one ergonomic design. It allows you to start and unlock the phone in a seamless motion.
  • 18W fast charging: allow your phone to be ready in a short time.

Blackview A100

Price and availability

Blackview A100 is available at an astonishingly low price of $139.99 (original price $249.99) from June 21st to July 3rd PT. For those, who need phones to just take pictures or play games, Blackview A100 is the right value for money.

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