Best Free Android Apps and Games of the Week: InnerHour, Naptime, Space Marshals 2 and More!

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Alright! It’s time to kick off the next edition of our weekly Best Free Android Apps and Games. I am always excited for the end of the week because that’s when I am able to showcase all the amazing apps to our readers. Throughout the week, we explore the entire Google Play Store to find out some of the best apps and games for you guys to try out.

If you haven’t checked out the previous edition, then I strongly recommend doing so as you are always going to be find something interesting. With that out of the way, let’s jump right into the new edition.

Best Free Android Apps and Games of the Week [12th Edition]

In today’s edition, we’ve got a bunch of apps and games for you to try out. From self-help to personalization and gaming, we’ve got you covered. Alright enough of the intro, let’s talk about the first in the list.

1. Amaha: anxiety, depression, self-care

innerhour - best free android apps  innerhour - best free android apps

Amaha is a new application that I’ve been enjoying exploring nowadays. Found it a couple of weeks ago, the app is quite impressive as it allows you to prioritize self-care. There are a bunch of mental health goals inside the app that you can choose. The app claims that the app is built with help of insights from psychiatrists and psychologists. The app also makes use of CBT i.e. Cognitive Behavior Therapy, positive psychology, and mindfulness in bringing self-care modules.

A lot of mumbo jumbo going on here, right? Well, the app helps you overcome anxiety, depression, and improve yourself by giving importance to self-care. The app consists of around 400+ therapy-based self-help tools. There are around six self-care courses that cover depression, anxiety, sleep, stress, anger, happiness. You even get personalized 4-week self-care plans.

There are a plethora of self-care activities, goal setting & tracking features, mood tracking along with various resources for your mental health. The Pro version of the app also matches you with a therapist if you’re looking for something like that. Thanks to the clean user interface, exploring and navigating the app is quite easy and fun. The free version should cater to all your needs.

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Downloads & Rating: 10,000+ and 4.6

Link to Download: Head over to Google Play Store to download the app right away

2. LeafSnap – Plant Identification

leafsnap best free android apps leafsnap best free android apps

If you’re a plant person, then you’re really going to appreciate this one. Leafsnap is a plant identification or recognition app that allows you to discover wildflowers or unusual-looking shrubs with ease. Whenever you come across a new interesting plant species, you can simply use your phone to find out so much more about it. Furthermore, it also helps you keep a track of all the plants that you are taking care of in your household. Well, in a way at least.

The developers of the app claim that the app can currently recognize 90% of all known species of plants and trees. That is quite impressive considering you’re rarely going to come across with the remaining 10%. The app can even recognize species by an image of flowers or fruits which is an added bonus.

You can learn a lot more about the plant such as how much water it needs, what kind of soil it grows on, and when to use fertilizers. There’s a My Plants section that allows you to store all your currently-owned plants. It even reminds you about watering, soil checking, and more. In an essence, it’s not just a plant recognition app but everything a plant person would need. The best part is that it is completely free and would hopefully remain the same for a long time.

Price: Free

Downloads & Rating: 1,000,000+ and 4.6

Link to Download: Head over to Google Play Store to download the best free Android app right away

3. Adobe Fill & Sign

adobe fill & sign best free Android apps  adobe fill & sign best free Android apps

With everyone currently doing Work From Home, it’s essential to do everything virtually. From meetings to signing documents, everything is now happening in the comfort of home. Well, we can’t do anything about meetings but we can make signing your documents a bit easier. Adobe Fill & Sign, as the name suggests, helps you do exactly that.

It works across all your devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. The app allows you to fill, sign and send any information fast and reliably. Furthermore, you can take a snap of a paper form and fill it in on your phone or tablet. You can either create your signature using your finger or a stylus. Alternatively, you can also use your initials directly to the form.


Adobe Fill & Sign can also work as a document scanner allowing you to scan forms, contracts, and business documents. All in all, Adobe Fill & Sign is a must-have Android app if you’re working from home and deal with a lot of documents. For me, it’s absolutely a lifesaver and I hope it would be the same for you as well. Oh, by the way, the app is completely free so yay!

Price: Free

Downloads & Rating: 10,000,000+ and 4.2

Link to Download: Head over to Google Play Store to download the best free Android app right away

4. Naptime – the real battery saver

naptime best free android apps naptime best free android apps

If you’re looking for a free battery saver that actually works, then we have finally got something for you. Let me introduce Naptime. The developers are calling it the real battery saver. Well, I don’t know if it’s the best one out there but the app seriously works. Naptime lowers your device’s power consumption by turning on the built-in doze power-saving functionality.

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If the functionality already exists in your device, then why do you need this app at all. Well, Android takes a bit of time to kickstart the doze mode. Naptime does that automatically and quickly. Doze mode will save your battery life by disabling various features such as WiFi, mobile data, location & Bluetooth, and more. There are various experimental features such as automatic Android battery saver, Aggressive Doze timings, Doze scheduling, and location detection.

There’s a notion that you need a rooted smartphone to actually utilize any battery saver app. That is somewhat true. With Naptime, most of the features work perfectly fine on a non-rooted smartphone. If you’re comfortable with rooting, then you can do so to utilize every single feature of Naptime. There is a stats page that basically shows you the summary of all the actions related to Naptime and the Doze mode. The app does offer in-app purchases but the free version should be more than enough for most users out there.

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Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Downloads & Rating: 100,000+ and 4.0

Link to Download: Head over to Google Play Store to download the app right away

5. BuffyWalls – Wallpapers

BuffyWalls best free Android apps BuffyWalls best free Android apps

It’s been a long time since we have talked about any Android wallpaper app in our weekly column. Well, it’s time to change that. BuffyWalls Wallpapers app offers a lot of cool, unique, and awesome collections of wallpapers. These are all the high-quality HD  wallpaper and backgrounds meaning you know you’re in for a good treat.

The app already contains a whopping 10k+ library of wallpaper and it only is going to expand. The developer adds new wallpapers to the list every 2 or 3 days which is quite good. The user interface of the app follows Material UI meaning it’s going to be clean and minimal. Just like most wallpapers app out there, BuffyWalls also comes with an Android setups page where you can see worthy setups and also upload yours for the world to see.


Another good feature is the ability to share the wallpapers link directly to your friends. I like this addition as I no longer have to tell the wallpaper name and app to others. From the user experience to wallpapers, BuffyWalls should definitely be on your smartphone as it offers some of the best wallpapers that I have come across. For the customization freak in you, BuffyWalls is necessary.

Price: Free

Downloads & Rating: 5,000+ and 3.8

Link to Download: Head over to Google Play Store to download the app right away

6. Afterglow Icons Free

Afterglow best free Android apps

I recently came across this new icon pack that I’ve been using on my Android home screen setup since then. Afterglow Icons combines paster colors with heightened vibrance. Pastel colors have been in trend for quite some time now. From smartphone skins to wallpapers, you would find pastel colors everywhere. Well, it’s now time for the pastel color-based icon pack.  What I like about this icon pack is the glow behind the icons that give a unique look. Hence, the name Afterglow.

You can use this icon pack with both dark and light wallpapers. As of now, the app has around 600 icons that are carefully handcrafted. They are of high resolution 192 x 192 px. The developer offers weekly updates adding 20 icons every single week. Just like with most icon packs, this one too supports all the popular launchers out there. You can use this app with a variety of launchers such as ADW, Action, Apex, Evie, Nova, Go Halo, Lucid, Smart, Solo, Unicorn, and more.

If you’re looking to spice up your Android home screen, you should give Afterglow a try.

Price: Free

Downloads & Rating: 100,000+ and 4.0

Link to Download: Head over to Google Play Store to download the best free Android app right away

7. Koda for Kustom

koda for kustom best free android apps

If you’ve been a big fan of Android customization, then you might have heard about the KWGT and KLWP. Both are popular Android personalization app out there. Koda for Kustom is a widget application that brings aesthetics presets to your device. By aesthetics, I mean really really beautiful widgets that will ace up your customization game.

For the presets and widgets, you would need both the KWGT and KLWP app on your smartphone. While these two apps are paid, Koda for Kustom is completely free which is quite insane. All the widgets that this app has are quite unique and you might not be able to find them anywhere else. In fact, the developer of the app has locked them to prevent duplicacy.

All these minimal widgets on this app will change your Android home screen for good. Pair these widgets with amazing wallpaper and you’re good to go. It’s one of the best free Android widget app out there.

Price: Free

Downloads & Rating: 10,000+ and 4.2

Link to Download: Head over to Google Play Store to download the app right away

8. Space Marshals 2

space marshals 2 best free android apps

Enough of the apps, it’s time to talk about some of the addicting Android games. Space Marshals 2 is a sci-fi version of the wild west adventure. The game is built on the success of the first iteration. If you haven’t checked that, then you should go ahead and do that as well. It’s a tactical combat and stealth action game set in outer space. It’s a top-down shooter which is quite fun even in 2021.

Since we’re looking at tactical combat, you can’t just go ahead and shoot the guns aimlessly. You need to follow various tactics and stealth to actually play the game. Well, that’s what makes this title such fun. Throughout the gameplay, you can take advantage of your surroundings. The game has all the weapons such as frag grenades, flashbangs, drones, gun turrets, proximity mines, and what not!

You would choose your loadout and then start fighting the enemies. The loadout is quite impressive as it has something for everyone. From shotguns, handguns to sniper rifles, you’ve got everything at your disposal. So buckle up, reload your weapons and start fighting your enemies. There are around 20 missions with performs based rewards. The game also supports dual-stick controls.

Price: Free

Downloads & Rating: 5,000,000+ and 4.3

Link to Download: Head over to Google Play Store to download the app right away

With that, we will now be concluding this week’s best free Android apps and games. Hope you would have found something interesting to try out. You can also share your picks by making use of the comments down below.

Looking for more interesting apps and games like this? You might want to stick around for the next week’s edition. Till then, check out our previous ones.

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