Say goodbye to the notch design – iPhone 14 will launch a new solution

iPhone 14 Pro notch

Apple will officially release the new iPhone 13 series in September this year. Unfortunately, this series will not eliminate the notch design, it will only reduce the size. However, it optimizes the internal stacking and upgrades other areas. According to reports, Apple is stuck with the notch design for years because it does not have a suitable, effective, and secure unlocking method that can replace Face ID. At present, the 3D structured light of Face ID is still one of the most secure unlocking methods. However, there are now speculations that the iPhone 14 may come with a better solution.

iPhone 14 under-screen fingerprint and faceid patent

The reports claim that Apple has a new patent that allows the placement of a sensor under the screen. The patent points out that the iPhone can directionally receive light transmitted through the screen by placing the optical imaging array below the screen. This optical imaging array is applicable to any imaging sensor such as ambient light, structured light, fingerprints, and facial recognition sensors.

iPhone 14 under-screen fingerprint and faceid patent

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This patent means that a part of the screen may have an “imaging hole defined by an opaque backplane”, which Apple calls an “aperture”. In order to be able to use Touch ID and Face ID normally, the pixel density of this “aperture” area of ​​the screen is lower than the rest. Another possibility is that when Touch ID and Face ID are active, the pixels in this “aperture” area will be lower. However, when not in use, the pixel density will be the same as in other areas.

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Will the MacBook use this technology as the iPhone 14?

In other words, the iPhone equipped with this technology is expected to use an under-screen fingerprint sensor. Furthermore, it will also use an under-screen Face ID sensor and even an iris recognition under the screen. This technology will also enable the iPhone to completely eliminate the notch design. In this 14,000-word patent report, Apple also mentions that this patent can also work on the MacBook.

Presently, the iPhone 13 series is currently in mass production. The company already has the final design, however, it will not use this upcoming technology. Nevertheless, there are reports that the iPhone 14 may use these technologies. We still have over a year before the iPhone 14 series officially arrives. This is enough time for Apple to incorporate this new technology into this smartphone. Therefore, the iPhone 14 will also hopefully become the first Apple mobile phone in history that supports under-screen fingerprints and under-screen Face ID.

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