Apple continues to collect the lion’s share of the smartphone market revenue

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You don’t like Apple? You have reason to complain that there are many people in the world who continue to choose the iPhone, despite the lack of innovation, which only contributes to the company’s rapid slide into the swamp in terms of technology. The point is that this does not prevent Apple from skimming the cream of the smartphone market.

According to a report from analysts at Counterpoint Research, in the second quarter of this year, Apple snatched 41% of the $ 96 billion in revenue in the smartphone market. This is provided that a year earlier this figure was 34%. Analysts tend to conclude that this success was possible thanks to the popularity of the iPhone 12 series smartphones, which sold well.

Counterpoint Research attributes the iPhone’s continued success in recent months to the high demand for the iPhone 12 series and Apple’s careful supply chain management during the quarter.

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Apple continues to collect the lion’s share of the smartphone market revenue

Let’s not forget that Apple is stripping its users; otherwise it would not have been able to become the most expensive electronics manufacturer. Everyone who chooses an iPhone pays exorbitant prices for everything they get from the company. Since last year, it has even offered its customers a “bonus” in the form of the need to purchase a charger; which now does not come with smartphones. And that hasn’t stopped Apple’s followers. They still firmly believe that everything is done for their good.

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The problem is that users do not want to spur the company to drastic changes and rethink its strategy. As soon as sales drop to a critical level, Apple will be forced to rebuild, start making better products, adding modern features to them. And now paying a lot of money to the company, they only encourage their attitude towards consumers.

Although Samsung beats Apple in pieces, it is still far from Apple in terms of revenue and profit. At the end of the second quarter of 2021, the company collected 15% of revenue against 17% a year earlier. Xiaomi began to earn more, which a year ago collected 6% of all revenue in the smartphone market; and now this figure is 9%. Oppo and Vivo managed to snatch the same amount.

Oppo and Vivo matched Xiaomi’s performance with another 9% share of revenue each. That’s up from 7% and 6%, respectively. Global expansion and continue performance in China drove Oppo’s better results; whereas Vivo’s success was mainly attributed to its mid-range products.
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