HarmonyOS 2 is now available for nearly 100 models – the largest upgrade in history

Harmony OS

Since the official release of the HarmonyOS system, Huawei has begun the largest system upgrade plan in history. The company calls this massive upgrade the “100” smartphone renewal plan. So far, the massive upgrade covers a wide variety of Huawei and Honor’s devices. In fact, many very old smartphones are coming back to life with a brand new operating system. Basically, users of Huawei’s very old smartphones can experience HarmonyOS. Recently, HarmonyOS officially announced the latest upgrade progress of HarmonyOS 2.

HarmonyOS 2

According to the announcement, five new Honor models including Honor 30S, Honor 30 Youth Edition, Honor X10, Honor X10 Max, and Honor Play4 will start public beta recruitment. These are all smartphones that were released last year. Entering the public beta stage shows that the official has basically completed the HarmonyOS 2 adaptation of these models. However, it is important to note that users may still encounter some minor bugs. Nevertheless, these bugs do not significantly affect the daily usage of this system. Users who want to try can go to the Pollen Club > Member Center App to sign up.

HarmonyOS 2 is now available for nearly 100 models

It is worth mentioning that from the official schedule, HarmonyOS is now available to almost 100 Huawei and Honor devices. Specifically, 90 Huawei and Honor devices now have this update. Out of this number, 56 are old models from Huawei and Honor. While some of these smartphones have the internal beta, others are already enjoying the public beta. For now, only flagship Huawei smartphones have the public stable version of HarmonyOS 2.

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Needless to say that Huawei’s handling of the HarmonyOS 2 upgrade has been very impressive. According to some user feedback, after upgrading the HarmonyOS system, your old model can not only get many functional improvements but also significantly improve its fluency and performance. In fact, the device works just like a brand new smartphone.

HarmonyOS 2

According to reports, HarmonyOS 2 system has been optimized in terms of the storage system, GPU/CPU rendering, etc. These completely change the underlying logic of the operating system. After long-term use, the performance degradation rate is lower than other systems. It is worth mentioning that while adapting to nearly a hundred models at the same time, Huawei is still actively iterating on HarmonyOS. Recently, it was reported that the official version of HarmonyOS 2.1 will be launched soon. This new version of the HarmonyOS will first arrive on the flagship Huawei P50. We are now looking forward to what this new iteration will offer.

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