iLife A10 robot vacuum cleaner review: Wide functionality and laser navigation

The Breakdown

The iLife A10 is a functional robot vacuum cleaner that boasts good navigation and high cleaning performance. And given the interesting price, the model can successfully compete in the market.
Design 90%
Performance 85%
Navigation 80%
Features 80%
App 90%
Smart and efficient navigation, Rubber anti-tangle brush, Large capacity dust container, Navigate tight spaces well, Manual suction control, Adjustable brush rotation speed.
Edge cleaning leaves something to be desired, Lacks thoroughness ( with just one pass), Not suitable for high pile carpets.

When it comes to robot vacuum cleaners, iLife is a brand we cannot ignore; Proposals such as the iLife V8S are an example of this, but this time we will focus on one of its most recent bets: the iLife A10. This robot vacuum cleaner was unveiled at CES 2020 on the premise of being the company’s first LiDAR laser navigation robot. Before starting, it should be noted that it comes in two variants: iLife A10 and iLife A10S. Both options are similar in terms of features, but the A10S turns out to add mopping capabilities in addition to vacuuming. Likewise, the iLife A10 boasts all the other functionalities and has advanced functions that we can access through the app, specifically selective cleaning of rooms, restricted areas and invisible walls.

According to the company, the iLife A10 is suitable for cleaning all types of floors. The manufacturer announced good functionality: extensive possibilities for working with the map, laser navigation, replaceable main brushes, scheduled cleaning, support for the voice assistant “Alexa”. Let’s take a closer look at the quality of implementation of all these options.

iLife A10 Technical Specifications

  • Power: 100-240VAC 50/60HZ 22W
  • Working voltage: 14.8V
  • Charging type: Auto / Manual
  • Ability to cross obstacles: ≤ 15mm
  • Grade-ability: 2cm
  • Suitability: Tile, hardwood, carpet
  • Cleaning mode: Path, Spot, Edge, MAX, Recharge, Bow Cleaning
  • Charging time: ≤380min
  • Cleaning time: >100min
  • Dustbin capacity: 450ml(Cellular Dustbin)
  • Net weight: 2.65kg
  • Dimension: 330*320*95mm
  • Suction power: up to 2000Pa

Main Features

  • Laser Navigation: ILIFE A10 With Laser Navigation to enhance cleaning efficiency.
  • Smart App Control: Custom Area, Carpet Area, To-Go Zone, No-Go Zone, Schedule. Designate areas you need to clean and areas to avoid on the ILIFEHOME App and the robot will guide itself according to your custom map.
  • 2-in-1 Floating Roller Brush: The 2-in-1 combination of bristles and rubber will pick up more dust and debris.
  • Customizable Schedule: The A10 will handle all the vacuuming tasks based on what you set up.
  • Invisible Wall Setting Up on APP: Designate the No-Go Zone by drawing a line on the ILIFEHOME App, the robot will avoid these areas where no cleaning is needed.Don’t need Physical virtual wall anymore.
  • Auto Boost on Customized Area: A10 will automatically increase suction power in the zoning area to perform a deeper clean.
  • Advanced Custom Cleaning: Robot scans the layout and divides it into multiple sections,and reserves the map on the app. Then from the app you can select which room you would like to clean.
  • Self-recharges and resumes cleaning: If the robot has not finished the layout before the battery runs lower than 10%, the robot will self-recharge to 100% and then continue cleaning from the breakpoint.(suit for large houses.
  • Precise Laser Navigation and Mapping: Navigation will meticulously scans and maps your home’s layout to enhance cleaning efficiency.
  • Powerful Suction up to 2000Pa: Efficiently collects dust, debris and large particles, either on hard floors or low-medium pile carpets.


  • 1 ILIFE A10 Robot Vacuum
  • 1 Charging Stand
  • 1-Charging Mat
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • 1 Power Adapter (length 1.5 meters)
  • 1 Cleaning Tool
  • 1-Roller Brush
  • 4 Side Brushes
  • 1 High-Efficiency Filter
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1-Quick Start Guide
  • 12-month warranty papers.


The iLife A10 sports a sleek gloss black finish with some matte accents all around. It has a large protruding cover, which houses the LIDAR sensor near the front, along with a single button that serves to resume/pause the cleaning cycle.

With dimensions of 33cm x 32cm x 9.5cm, we know that it is a fairly compact vacuum cleaner, capable of passing under tables and tall furniture with ease.

As with most ILIFE A-series devices, it has a rear-mounted trash can. Underneath, it has twin side brushes flanking the main brush roller.

Speaking of brushes, with the purchase you will get two main brushes: a combined brush and a completely rubber one, which is extremely useful to avoid hair tangles in homes with pets.

The manufacturer describes the A10 as a “Cellular Dustbin” with conical cylinders that prevent the filter from getting dirty and prematurely clogging. By the way, the type of filter used in this robot is HEPA, but unlike rival brand models in the same range, it is not washable.

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Thanks to its 2,600mAh battery, the iLife A10 can offer up to 150 minutes of cleaning, which is enough to cover -in theory- 100 square meters. The robot cleans 1 square meter in one minute, which translates into an average time for Lidar navigation-based devices.

Although the manufacturer does not specify the suction of the robot, we can say that, on hard floors, it does its job, but it can spread the thinnest dirt, which is common for most robots. To avoid this, you can manually change the rotation speed setting.

In another vein, the dustbin is 450ml, a respectable capacity and should be enough for several passes. But, the robot can vacuum to ensure thorough cleaning in just one pass.


The iLife A10 is the company’s first robot vacuum cleaner based on LiDAR navigation, and the truth is this is a good first attempt by the company. It can detect obstacles and avoid them, as well as create maps of your home and save them, making subsequent cleaning cycles easier.

However, the climbing ability of the robot is not the best. It can overcome an obstacle of 15 mm (0.59 in.) And little more, making it unsuitable for cleaning medium-pile carpets. For cleaning low rugs it’s decent, it even increases the suction power when it detects one, but it doesn’t particularly stand out because of it.

Application and functions

We come to one of the best parts of this product, its application (ILIFEHOME App), which is available for both iOS and Android. The app is responsive and offers quite extensive control over the robot’s functions and capabilities.

It offers typical functions such as scheduling cleanings, tracking the robot in real-time, and viewing maps of your home. In this sense, when the robot completes the map, you will be able to establish forbidden zones, order it to clean within a particular area or room.

Apart from the forbidden areas, there is also a similar option that keeps the robot off the carpets in cleaning mode; And once the A10 creates the map, it automatically divides it into separate rooms and allows you to assign them names for added convenience.

However, perhaps the most striking thing about it is the possibility of manually setting the suction power. Instead of having to choose between three or four cleaning modes, the app allows you to configure the suction manually, and the same applies to the rotation speed control of the side brush, making it even more interesting.

Regarding the latter, it is advisable to maintain the speed between 30% and 40% to avoid spreading dirt around.

Finally, the iLife A10 allows you to schedule unlimited cleanings, so you can configure as many passes as you need.

Alternatively, the robot can be controlled using the remote control, but it is nowhere near as much control as the app.

Availability and price of the iLife A10

For those interested in this robot vacuum cleaner, it is for sale in the online store for a fairly competitive price ($349).



The iLife A10 is a functional robot vacuum cleaner that boasts good navigation and high cleaning performance. And given the interesting price, the model can successfully compete in the market.


  • Smart and efficient navigation
  • Rubber anti-tangle brush
  • Large capacity dust container
  • Navigate tight spaces well
  • Manual suction control
  • Adjustable brush rotation speed


  • Edge cleaning leaves something to be desired
  • Lacks thoroughness ( with just one pass)
  • Not suitable for high pile carpets
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