Microsoft Xbox Series X/S now has a cheaper 500GB expansion card

Microsoft Xbox Series X/S gaming consoles have a built-in storage capacity of 1TB or 500GB. However, for most gamers, this is far from enough to store purchased games. Fortunately, the company provides a dedicated expansion interface for the device. Users can separately purchase a dedicated expansion card produced by Seagate. However, this card comes with an additional 1TB capacity. Although the 1TB expansion card is very compact and uses PCIe 4.0×2 channels, it costs about 1999 yuan ($309). Not many users are willing to pay this much for an expansion card. 

Microsoft Xbox Series X/S

Nevertheless, there is good news. According to a recent report, there is now a 512GB expansion card for the Microsoft Xbox Series X and S. This new storage capacity option is available on two French e-commerce platforms. The price of this device is device is 154.99 euros ($182). This is considerably cheaper than the $309 1TB storage card option. 

Microsoft Xbox Series X/S

However, there is no product photo on the e-commerce page, only that the expansion card is still manufactured by Seagate. The price of 154.99 euros ($182), although much more expensive than general-purpose solid-state drives, is easier to accept by users than the 1TB version. As of now, there is no official report regarding this expansion card from Seagate or Microsoft. However, we expect the Seagate Seagate 500GB expansion card to officially launch later this year.

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Microsoft Xbox Series X/S 120FPS mode now supports more EA games

Microsoft has previously introduced a new FPS Boost function for Xbox Series X/S. This feature will unlock the frame rate limits for old games and upgrade to a 60-120fps frame rate without modification. Some months ago, Microsoft said that many EA games have received 120fps support, and one game supports 60fps.

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These games include Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Battlefield V, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and Plants vs. Zombies series. Other games on the list include Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Battlefront II, Titanfall, Titanfall II, Unravel 2, and New Super Lucky’s Tale. In addition, the game Sea of Solitude now supports 60fps mode.

See the full list of games and their current frame rate status below

There is also a long list of games that supports 6oHz after enabling the FPS Boost function. See the list above. In terms of sales, the Xbox Series X is clearly behind the Sony PlayStation 5. These high frame rates for more games will make the console more attractive. The company and game developers are working together to bring higher frame rates for more games.

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