Galaxy Z Fold 3 caught fire after falling from a bike

Galaxy Z Fold 3

It sounds like an old joke, but it isn’t. This brings to mind the old affair of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, whose battery had the annoying tendency to explode in the hands and pockets of its users. It must be said that, regularly, we hear about a Samsung smartphone suddenly catching fire, as was recently the case in a plane on the ground. Despite everything, one might think that, years later, recent or at least high-end models are spared the scourge.

That’s probably what Chad Christian thought when he got the Galaxy Z Fold 3 . He was surprised when it started to expel thick smoke. “The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 blew up on me when I was getting ready to box it up. Had to throw it in the garage. Definitely had some integrity damage. Can you imagine if it did this in shipping”. Indeed, the smartphone would probably have ignited the box in which it would have been, at the same time as all the other products by its side.

However, Chad Christian qualifies his remarks by specifying that the fire does not come from nowhere. Indeed, a few days ago, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 fell from a bicycle. “For information, this phone (which I just brought back from a Samsung repair center where I was told to mail it in for replacement) fell off my bike a while ago. Week or so, ” he wrote. “I’m sure it had integrity damage that caused this”.

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Galaxy Z Fold 3 caught fire after falling from a bike

The user even goes so far as to eliminate any comparison that comes instantly to mind by adding that he “does not think this is a Note 7 type problem”. Indeed, it should be noted that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is waterproof. In addition, it resists relatively well to the many damages that it can be brought to undergo. However, we can only advise you to keep an eye on it if it ever falls violently to the ground.

According to previous reports, members of the XDA Developers community have found an unpleasant surprise in the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 smartphones from Samsung. As it turned out, upon obtaining root rights and access to the bootloader of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the user will be deprived of the opportunity to use the smartphone’s cameras.

Samsung devices use the Knox security system; which will void the gadget’s warranty, as well as disable the Samsung Pay payment service if the bootloader is unlocked. And if it was possible to put up with these disadvantages; then non-working cameras are a completely different level of compromise; which the owner of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have to make; if he wants to get full access to the device.

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