Apple users largely unimpressed with the iPhone 13 series – Survey

A few weeks ago, Apple officially released its latest iPhone series, the iPhone 13 series. Over the past few years, Apple has been quite consistent with its design and the iPhone 13 is no different. However, the company has a couple of newbies in the iPhone 13 series. For the first time, an iPhone uses a screen refresh rate above 60Hz. The iPhone 13 series has a 120Hz ProMotion model as well as a 1TB storage option. However, in terms of screen size and appearance, it looks just like the iPhone 12 series. However, the iPhone 13 appears a little different because of its smaller notch. The iPhone 13 series have been on pre-sale and the company has commenced the shipment of the first batch. A recent survey by SellCell shows the response of American users to the new iPhone.

iPhone 13 series

This survey considers 5000 iPhone users in the U.S. and all users are 18 years and older. The survey seeks to know what older iPhone users think about the new iPhone 13 series. The results of this survey show that the iPhone 13 series is not so exciting. According to the report, a whopping 64% of old iPhone users think that the iPhone 13 series is either not very exciting or not exciting at all.

iPhone 13 series

Furthermore, out of 5017 responses, 76.8% say they have no plans to upgrade to the new iPhone 13 series. However, for those who will upgrade, the iPhone 13 Pro appears to be the most popular. While 42.5% of users will upgrade to the iPhone 13 Pro, 26.3% will prefer the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The iPhone 13 Mini continues its low popularity with only 9.2% targeting this model.

iPhone 13 series

In addition, there are some features that make the old iPhone users reject the iPhone 13 series. Top on the list is the lack of Touch ID with 29.3% of about 3853 responders citing this as the reason for not upgrading. Recall that for many months before the arrival of the iPhone 13 series, there were rumors that it will use Touch ID. These rumors turned out to be false, leaving many users disappointed. However, lack of major features, lack of always-on display, and the notch are other reasons stopping users from upgrading.

Furthermore, for those who will upgrade, the 120Hz ProMotion display is the major reason. This is why those who will upgrade prefer the Pro series because only these models have this feature. About 34.1% of 1164 responders will upgrade for the 120Hz ProMotion display. However, the bigger battery and better camera are also reasons for upgrading. Interestingly, “just due for an upgrade” is the second most popular reason for upgrading. These folks are probably the Apple fanboys who buy “anything” Apple throws on the market.

However, the survey also shows that many of those not upgrading to the iPhone 13 will also not leave the iPhone. They will either wait for the iPhone 14 (36.8% of 3853 responders), wait for a few years (32.3% of 3853 responders), or buy an older iPhone (11.3% of responders). Only 16.1% of responders will migrate to Android while 3.5% are yet to decide.

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