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At the 2021 Global Mobile Broadband Forum with the theme of “5G and the World”, Hu Houkun, Huawei’s rotating chairman, stated that the speed of 5G development far exceed expectations. Mr. Hu said that at present, the world has deployed 176 5G commercial networks. In the consumer sector, 5G has achieved a 10- fold increase in rate and brought new applications such as VR and 360- degree live video streaming.

Huawei 5G development

Despite the ban by the U.S., Huawei is still working on 5G technology. 5G development remains one of the company’s top priorities. The company is one of the major players in the 5G field. According to Huawei, it will not abandon its smartphone business. The company claims that it is working very hard to get its mobile phone business back on track in due course. This is Huawei’s goal.

Regarding the mobile phone business, Xu Zhijun revealed two directions for Huawei’s efforts. One is that new 5G mobile phones will come out in the future. The second aspect is that Huawei will upgrade the HarmonyOS system. It will optimize the customer experience and extend the service life of mobile phones. Xu Zhijun emphasized that Huawei will not close its mobile phone business and will not sell it.

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Huawei will still release flagships

Huawei does not intend to give up and is still maintaining its mobile phone shipments. Its latest Huawei P50 series does not support 5G. The Huawei P50 series has two versions with Snapdragon 888 and Kirin 9000 SoCs. Unfortunately, none of these devices support 5G, they only support 4G network. The impact of this is already showing in the market. After the launch of the P50 series, old models that support 5G such as Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 40 saw an increase in their prices. This is because users consider old models with 5G to be better than newer 4G smartphones. This problem is not easy to solve, but it is not impossible to bypass the 5G restrictions from the U.S. According to the latest report, the Chinese manufacturer will be able to solve the 5G problem in 2022.

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At the press conference, Huawei’s consumer business CEO, Yu Chengdong, stated that “the four rounds of US sanctions restrict Huawei’s 5G mobile phones, resulting in 5G chips that can only be used as 4G”.

Regarding the development of the mobile phone business, in March this year, Huawei’s rotating chairman, Hu Houkun, said that from last year’s point of view, the mobile phone business has been greatly affected. Judging from this year, due to the unclear supply situation, it is difficult to predict the changes in Huawei’s mobile phone business. However, the flagship model that Huawei plans to launch every year will arrive according to schedule.

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