Dbrand to Stop Selling PS5 Darkplates After Cease & Desist from Sony

Dbrand, the Canadian company known for its skins and wraps seems to have found itself in a spot of bother. In the beginning of 2021, the company announced that it would be selling matte black skins for the PS5 console from Sony, dubbing them as ‘Darkplates’.

Today, the company has announced that it is going to stop selling Darkplates, with the reason being a cease and desist letter from the maker of the PS5, Sony Interactive Entertainment.

This announcement comes via a post on Dbrand’s subreddit, wherein the company invites Redditors to visit the product page of the company, which no longer offers the Darkplates.

What Does the Dbrand PS5 Post Mention?


Via the rest of the post Dbrand proceeds to quote the cease and desist letter, highlighting how Sony has said, with the way the Darkplates “replicate [Sony Interactive Entertainment]’s protected product design” and Dbrand’s version of the button icons present in the plates of the Darkplates.

To end, the letter mentions that Sony has asked Dbrand to “promptly and permanently cease and take down all marketing and promotion for and cease all sales worldwide of faceplates featuring the product configuration of SIE’s PS5 faceplates or any similar product configuration, including without limitation all faceplates currently for sale at dbrand.com.”

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The post from the company also mentions that  “a couple of months from that original Cease & Desist” it has also been told by Sony’s legal team, “a patent had been issued in Canada which purports to cover the shape of the PlayStation 5’s side panels.”

When Dbrand announced its plans, it added the slogan, “Go ahead, sue us.” The company finishes the post by mentioning that it is complying with Sony’s request, adding the text “for now”, in bold text.

What Else is Sony Working On in Relation to the Console?


In other news, ever since Sony announced its latest gaming console, the PS5, it has offered Spotify as a music streaming platform for the gaming console, allowing users to listen to their most liked songs while gaming.

It seems that apart from this, another popular service will soon get support on the PS5, with Apple Music supposedly coming to the PS5 as a music streaming service.

The first hints of this coming to the PlayStation 5 came after a Reddit user took the platform to share a picture of Apple Music making an appearance in the music menu of the PS5.

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