Elon Musk tried to troll Apple for a cleaning cloth

A premium nano-textured cloth from Apple has recently been released. This is the same napkin for Pro Display XDR that came in the kit and recently went on sale. The new cloth costs nothing at all: $ 19 in the US and around $ 28 in other countries.

Elon Musk tried to troll Apple for a cleaning cloth

A wave of napkin trolling swept across the network, which was joined by the head of Tesla, Elon Musk. So, yeesterday Apple opened a branded store in Istanbul and on this occasion the head of the company Tim Cook published a post on his Twitter page in which he invited users to “an amazing new store”. Elon Musk left a comment under this post, in which he invited to see the “Apple Cloth”.

This comment provoked a lot of reactions from users, who noticed that Elon Max was making fun of the company whose products he himself uses. Tesla CEO’s tweet posted from iPhone. They also reminded him that the company that produces electric vehicles does not shun the production of branded clothing and does not hesitate to take a lot of money for it.

Elon Musk was also reminded that Tesla’s product portfolio includes a glass bottle for wine. The company asks for only $ 150 for a decanter for an alcoholic drink. For fans of the company, there is a $ 135 pet blanket, a $ 60 umbrella, and a $ 45 128GB USB drive.

Apple sells napkins and Tesla sells wine bottles. This is a business and a desire to make money. Both companies strive to make money on their behalf. And in this they are not fundamentally different from each other.

Apple has released a cleaning cloth for displays for $19

You all know that during use, dust collects on the surface of devices, traces of dirt and greasy stains may appear. For this reason, they need regular cleaning. Many people think about what products to use and how to properly care for them. Apple took care of this and recently, in addition to the coolest gadgets, added a cleaning cloth to its range.

The company’s official store says the fabric is made from a soft, non-abrasive material that “safely and effectively cleans any Apple display, including nano-textured glass.” The Cupertino-based company warns Pro Display XDR users not to use any cloth to clean the display and to wipe it only with a special cloth.

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So, it is quite predictable for Apple that its next product is white; and the company logo proudly flaunts on it. And such a “cleaner” costs only $ 19. But this is in the USA, and in other markets they ask about $ 28 for it.

Elon Musk Apple Cloth

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