macOS Monterey has a new bug – USB docking station malfunctions

According to the feedback of Apple users on various social platforms, the latest version of Apple macOS Monterey has a bug that cannot recognize the USB docking station. In the Reddit community, Apple Developer Forum, and Apple’s official technical support community, Apple users have reported that after upgrading their Mac to macOS Monterey, they cannot use the USB docking station. However, users report that the HDMI interface, USB Type-C interface, and other interfaces do not have connection issues.

macOS Monterey

Most of these bug feedbacks are Mac users with the M1 chip version. However, a few mac users with the Intel chip also report this issue after upgrading macOS Monterey. According to the user’s discussion, this issue is not entirely strange. They claim that this issue surfaced as early as the first beta version of macOS Monterey. This is an indication that Apple is still struggling with this issue.

According to a Reddit user, he called Apple’s customer service, and the customer service told him to try to use the Apple-certified docking station. After doing so, the laments that there are still no changes. Later, the customer service staff told him that many people have been consulting and complaining about this problem recently. However, the customer care does not prefer any solution. Since there are many complaints, Apple will most likely solve the situation as soon as possible. We can only hope that the next version comes with a fix.

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Apple macOS Monterey features

Away from the negatives, the macOS Monterey also comes with some pretty good features.

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FaceTime portrait mode

The portrait mode allows users to blur the background and focus on themselves during a FaceTime call. However, if the user’s Mac is an Intel chip, this function is not available.

Map interactive globe

On Macs with M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Pro Max chips, Apple has enhanced the Maps application, including a new Earth view, where users can rotate the world and zoom in on different areas of the Earth. Also, users can see the Earth from a 3D space view. This feature makes navigation more interesting.

Object capture

Object Capture allows users to create realistic, AR-optimized 3D objects by stitching together a series of photos. This technology is called photogrammetry and previously required specialized software to complete, but Apple has integrated the Object Capture API into the macOS Monterey system.

Siri text-to-speech

Compared with the Intel chip Mac, the voice conversion function of the M series chip Mac supports more languages ​​and texts, including Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish.

Keyboard dictation on the device

Using keyboard dictation, users can dictate text wherever they can be entered, and this function will improve as users increase the number of times they use it. On M-series Macs, keyboard dictation now protects user privacy by performing all processing on the device.

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