An iPhone with a USB Type-C connector is on sale


Probably, many have heard that the MEPs intend to bring the matter with unification to its logical conclusion. The European Commission wants to bring comfort to the lives of users and intends to oblige electronics manufacturers to offer devices with a USB Type-C port. Logic dictates that Apple will have difficulties with the transition from its iPhone. The company clings to Lightning with all its might and does not want to part with it.

There are enthusiasts who are unhappy with the iPhone’s Lightning connector. The resentment is so great that they take on the replacement of the port. An iPhone X was taken as a test subject and a video about a successful USB Type-C transplant appeared last month. Then the author promised to publish detailed instructions; where he will talk about how you can change Lightning to USB Type-C.

In fact, you have to create a printed circuit board with a connector from scratch and connect it to a smartphone. You can’t do without special skills and knowledge. For those who are not alien to experiments and an unnecessary iPhone is lying around; the author offers detailed visual instructions on how to do this. The source code of the project is also publicly available, so anyone can make a “transplant” for other iPhone models.

The very same tuned iPhone X the author put up for auction on eBay. At the time of this writing, they are willing to pay $ 4850 for it. The lot itself is accompanied by a description that this is the world’s first iPhone with USB Type-C; but its future owner should not use the smartphone as the main one for everyday use.

EU will give manufacturers two years to switch to USB Type-C

The talk of adopting USB Type-C as the standard for charging electronic devices in Europe has been going on for several years now. However, now the European Parliament has come close to adopting this decision. Last week, the MEP talked about why she doesn’t share Apple’s concerns that the adoption of USB Type-C as a standard could hurt innovation. Today, the department explained its position in more detail.

A spokesman for the European Parliament said that the USB Type-C port is a technology that has been pre-selected as a common standard. However, this does not in any way prevent manufacturers from developing other technologies that will provide better charging and data transfer capabilities. In addition, the European Parliament said in a statement that there will be a transitional period for the transfer of devices to a new standard; which will not lead to the rapid obsolescence of devices already on the market. USB Type-C will become mandatory for use only two years after it was adopted as a single standard.

At the moment, Apple is the main opponent of USB Type-C standardization. The company says such a move will slow innovation and lead to more e-waste. However, by the time USB Type-C becomes the standard in the European market; Apple is rumored to have completely abandoned physical connectors in branded smartphones.

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