Top 5 reasons why Apple claimed the top spot in the Chinese smartphone market

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Market research organization CINNO Research announced the sales data of the five major brands in the Chinese smartphone market. The report shows that Apple returns to the top position in China. This is the first time in six years that Apple will be on top of the Chinese smartphone market. The iPhone 13 series is the major reason for Apple’s latest performance. In October stand-alone sales, the iPhone 13 series sales hit 2.67 million units.

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In terms of market share, Apple has 22% of the Chinese market in October. It surpasses Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi to claim the top spot for the first time since December 2015. Apple is on top of the Chinese smartphone market because of the iPhone 13 series. Why is this iPhone so popular among the Chinese? Here are the top five reasons why the iPhone 13 series is so popular in China

1. Price decrease

Over the years, Apple was quite stiff with its pricing and other policies. However, since the iPhone 12 series, the company has been much more flexible. Relative to the iPhone 12 series, the starting price of the iPhone 13 series dropped by 300 yuan ($47) in China, Also, the difference in the starting price of individual storage versions can even reach 800 yuan ($125). For example, the 128G version of the iPhone 12 last year was priced at 6,799 yuan ($1068). Nevertheless, the iPhone 13 128GB version this year costs only 5,999 yuan ($842).

For many old Apple users, lowering the price may be the biggest upgrade of this generation of iPhone.In addition to lowering the price, the iPhone 13 series also has a lot of upgrades in terms of product strength. There are upgrades in terms of appearance, battery life, performance, and other areas.

2. Appearance – smaller notch

Although the Apple iPhone is no longer a “status symbol”, it is undeniable that there are still some users who want to show their just-purchased iPhone in social situations. As minute as it is, the only change in appearance seems to be enough for many iPhone users. At first glance, all can see that this is a new iPhone.

The main appearance change of the iPhone 13 series is the 20% reduction of the notch. Does the reduction of “notch” make the iPhone more beautiful? “Beauty and ugliness” is a subjective thing and different people will certainly have different opinions. However, in the author’s opinion, a “shorter notch” does not make the iPhone look better.

Although the company reduced the notch, the accuracy of the Face ID remains intact. In fact, the company was able to increase the accuracy of this feature.

According to the previous teardown report from iFixit, the iPhone 13 series does not have a flood illuminator. This component is now integrated with the dot matrix projection. This makes it possible to reduce the notch and increase the integration of components. According to Apple’s official website, the “Face ID” security rate of the iPhone 13 series is still one in a million.

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3. Better battery life

In the past, battery life has always been a shortcoming of Apple’s iPhone. Apple users almost must have a power bank when going out, or rent a shared power bank. In this generation of iPhone, battery life has been greatly improved. Thanks to the better power management of the Apple A15 processor, the official claims that the iPhone 13 can watch 19 hours of video continuously, which is two hours longer than the iPhone 12. The iPhone 13 Pro can play continuous video for 22 hours, and iPhone 13 Pro Max can play continuous video for 28 hours. This is a significant improvement over the previous generation.

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Unfortunately, the iPhone 13 series is still far inferior to the Android flagship model in terms of charging power. The iPhone 13 Pro Max with a battery capacity of 4352mAh takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to fully charge. To get its inferior “fast charging”, users will have to make additional purchases for a PD fast charger.

4. Performance: little improvement, but still invincible

Powerful performance has always been the advantage of Apple’s iPhone. This generation of iPhone comes with the latest A15 Bionic processor, built with TSMC’s 5nm process. However, the A15 chip of the iPhone 13/13 mini has been watered-down. Relative to the iPhone 13 Pro series, it has one fewer GPU core. The iPhone 13/13 mini uses a 6-core CPU and a 4-core GPU, while the 13 Pro and Pro Max use a 6-core CPU and a 5-core GPU.

These differences will cause the image performance of the iPhone 13 series to be slightly weaker than that of the iPhone 13 Pro series. However, there will be no obvious difference in the actual experience.

In the actual game experience, all models of the iPhone 13 series are basically capable of all mainstream games currently on the market, even in super-large games. After about 20 minutes, the device will reduce the game frame rate due to heating problems. The full-blood A15 Bionic processor will make the game frame rate fluctuate more smoothly, Nevertheless, the average frame rate will not have too obvious advantages.

5. Others: image, screen, geek’s choice, etc

For digital geeks, the most important upgrade of the new generation of iPhone may be the image and screen. The area of ​​the rear camera module of the Apple iPhone 13 series has been significantly increased compared to the previous generation, and of course, the larger camera has also been exchanged for stronger imaging capabilities.

The iPhone 13 series slightly raised the upper limit of Dolby Vision video, from last year’s 4K 30fps to 4K 60fps. The iPhone 13 Pro series also supports ProRes recording and editing, up to 4K 30fps, which is more convenient for video creators to color and process later. However, the above upgrade points mainly meet the needs of users with professional photography needs. For ordinary consumers, it may be difficult to detect this upgrade.

Regrettably, the common iPhone “ghosting” problem has not been solved well by this generation of iPhone. Therefore, users should pay more attention to the light source and shooting angle and try to avoid the “ghosting” issue.

In terms of screen, the biggest upgrade of Apple’s iPhone 13 series should be the 120Hz high refresh rate. Of course, although this upgrade is the pursuit of geek users, it may not be able to please ordinary users. In general, the reason why the iPhone 13 series is sought after by Chinese users is actually very simple. The appearance, performance, and battery life are obvious upgrades or changes for common users. In terms of high refresh rate screens and images, Apple has also met the needs of geek users, making the iPhone 13 series still one of the most powerful smartphones.

While the product strength is improving, the price of this generation of iPhone has also been significantly reduced. With Huawei’s exit in the high-end market, Apple’s iPhone has become a dominant player in the Chinese high-end market.

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