BigBlue Christmas sale promo with up to $110 off


The BigBlue brand is making a name for themselves in the portable power stations and solar panels category. Their portfolio is expanding pretty quickly and you can find very interesting pieces out there. And with the current Christmas you can save a big pile of money for the top line of their products. because both Cellpowa500 power station and Solarpowa100 solar panels gets a big discount for the holidays. You can easily save up to $110 from December 17th to December 25th, which is really nothing to scoff at. So let’s take a look the stars of the show.

BigBlue Cellpowa500 is a portable battery station to help you with all your energy needs . It uses upgraded LiFePO4 battery promising 2000+ cycle life and over 10 years of battery life. With 537.6Wh capacity it has plenty of juice for your devices and you have plenty of ports at your disposal. From double AC ports with 1000W peak, through 60W DC ports to USB Type-C PD 60W ports and USB 18W ports. You can also recharge it to 80% in just 2 hours using multiple inputs simultaneously. And it also comes with a unique handle design and large LCD display.

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And with Solarpowa100 solar panels you can even go fully energy independent. These panels are design specifically for Cellpowa500 and can deliver 24V/4.16A maximum output charging power. Made my combination of EFTE and EVA materials it has IP65 waterproof rating and high-efficiency conversion rate. And with durable kickstand and folding design it’s very portable and versatile on top of that.

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In the Christmas sale you can find Solarpowa100 with $40 off thanks to the coupon Christmas40 just for $159.99 on the official BigBlue website. Or you can rather use the Amazon option if you wish. Cellpowa500 is available with much heftier discount coupon Christmas110 for $110 off. So you grab it for just $329.99 on the official website or alternatively on Amazon. You can save even more buying the combo pack together, because the Christmas110 coupon will slash the price to just $479.99. The whole promo should be valid from December 17th to December 25th.

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