iPhone overtakes Android to capture 50% of smartphones in the US

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A recent survey from StockApps claims that iPhones now make up 50% of all smartphones used in the US. According to the report, the market share of Android was surpassed by the iPhone. Because of its expansion, Apple continues to outperform its major competitor even as it diversifies into new industries like finance and healthcare.

StockApps’s analyst Edith Reads expressed her thoughts on the data. According to her, iPhone has always been a popular option among American consumers, but this data shows just how much its dominance has grown in recent years. Each quarter, there have been more conversions from Android to iOS in the US. Apple has always made adjustments to release a new series every year around September. Therefore, its devices remain effective and updated. With the US’s success, other countries might also follow the pattern.

iPhone: the American Pride

IPhone 14

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Regarding Android, the first smartphone powered by this operating system debuted in 2008, one year following the release of the iPhone. Due in large part to the popularity of Android phones made by companies like Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, and BlackBerry, Apple has never come close to holding a 50% market share.

The primary factor for Apple’s ascent to the top of the corporate ladder is the iPhone. The company’s success has led to a market capitalization of $2.5 trillion. For the six-month period that ended in June, Apple recorded revenues of $83 billion.

The flagship iPhone from Apple has been relatively successful in the United States for a number of reasons. Apple boasts the highest levels of brand loyalty in the smartphone business. The majority of iPhone owners in the US want to switch to a new model. Additionally, iPhones depreciate less quickly than rival devices. The majority of American consumers can afford Apple’s price. They contend that because of the product’s high quality, the pricing is reasonable.

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