OPPO Celebrates 18 Years Anniversary With A Surprise For Global Users

Chinese tech company, OPPO celebrated their 18 years Anniversary in the technology industry yesterday. And truth be told, they have achieved quite a lot within these few years. Yesterday, they announced something special for their global users. But before we get into that, let’s talk a little bit about some devices they have unveiled through this 18 years journey.

OPPO’s Journey To Their 18 Years Anniversary

As a company, it was officially launched in the year 2004. But they launched their first ever product in 2005, which was not a smartphone. The first device they ever launched was an Mp3 player. They called it ‘OPPO X3’. OPPO focused on the X3 from 2005 to 2008 before shifting their attention to their first ever mobile phone.

OPPO 18 Years Anniversary

In 2008, they released their first ever mobile phone. It was a feature phone and they called it OPPO A103. Also known as the Smiley Phone. They called it this name because of a Smiley Emoji behind it.

OPPO 18 Years Anniversary

Then came 2011, the year in which OPPO launched their first ever smartphone. This smartphone was named OPPO A903. A sliding touch screen device with a physical keyboard beneath it.

OPPO 18 Years Anniversary

OPPO Flagship Phones Were Born

OPPO then started going flagship by introducing the ‘Find’ series in 2018 upwards. 2021 saw them introduce their first ever Foldable Smartphone, the OPPO Find N. Finally, came 2022 when they unveiled their current flagship. That being the OPPO Find X5 series.

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Find X5

These are not the only phones and devices that OPPO has come up with. They have different consumer electronics out there. But we had to list a few to highlight how they have traveled through these number of years.

How Did OPPO Celebrate Their 18 Years Anniversary

As part of their 18 years anniversary celebration, OPPO announced the ‘OPPO Global Community’. This will serve as an open ecosystem for all users of OPPO around the globe. Where users can interact with fellow users, ask questions as well as sharing information with OPPO and amongst themselves.

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This community will also act as a place where OPPO will launch new products such as the Oppo Product Ambassador Program, the O-Chat open forum, and Oppo Lifesetter.

With the OPPO products Ambassador Program user will get a first hand experience of all latest products and innovations before others do. The O-Chat Forum opens the ground for discussion amongst OPPO users. Users get the chance to discuss anything that has to do with OPPO products or services. The LifeSetter gives each user opportunity to share their life stories with other members of the community. This will help inspire others through one way or the other.

OPPO 18 Years Anniversary

The OPPO global community is intended to give users and tech lovers a new and easy way of accessing updates and other information about OPPO and other activities. This also serves as an easy platform to communicate with OPPO experts in order to share experiences and insights about OPPO products and services.

There Is Even More To The Community

In addition to all these, users can also have the chance to communicate with other users on the same platform. This gives users the ability to know more about the OPPO products while sharing more product knowledge with other users. More like a Social Media made for OPPO users only.

Apart from the OPPO Global Community, OPPO also announced that they currently operate a total of 2,500  service sites globally. They declared 10th to 12th of every month as what they call ‘OPPO service day’. What they are going to do on the service day is that, they are going to offer exclusive services to customers of over 900 service centers in over 24 countries globally. Lucky customers get to enjoys repair services at discounted prices as well as free disinfection of their devices.

To know the real story of OPPO and how they grew to become the company that they are today, they have also released a video documentary which tells their story. You can watch the video here

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  1. September 18, 2022

    A genuine real surprise would Oppo providing updates to their devices the world over not region by region, or one pin code/zip code at a time or by some silly serial number sequence