Here’s why you should never allow your Tesla car to run out of power

Tesla Model S

American electric car manufacturer, Tesla, has recently been in the news for multiple reasons. This time, there is an issue with the Tesla electric car and the complaint is from Canada. The Canadian user noticed an issue with his car and brought it to a public space. According to the user, after the battery died out, he was locked out of the Model S. From Tesla’s maintenance charges, it would cost another $20,000 to fix the problemLast week, Mario Zelaya posted a TikTok video calling for a solution to the problem. In the video, Zelaya said he couldn’t get into the car after the Model S was out of power. The Tesla car did not respond even after charging the car. Furthermore, he couldn’t even get the ownership documents inside the car to sell it.

Tesla Model 3

The owner angrily pointed out, “This is why you shouldn’t buy a Tesla”, and he also vehemently complained: “This car is rubbish”.

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Elon Musk claims Tesla car battery can last for 300,000 miles

It is understood that the owner purchased a brand new Model S for $140,000 in 2013. Replacing an EV’s battery would cost more than $20,000 in a Tesla service assessment chart he posted. According to materials shared by the owner, the car needed to be replaced after more than 77,000 miles. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims that Tesla batteries will last between 300,000 and 500,000 miles. This also means that it will last for about 21 to 25 years.

Zelaya updated the follow-up on this event. When he then took the Model S to the relevant Canadian regulator for consultation, the technician told him that the battery had rusted. The rust is because the car’s air-conditioning unit had a drain pipe above the battery compartment. The drain pipe kept leaking water into the battery cellsIn the end, after paying $30 for new ownership documents, he was finally able to sell the car. The new owner pried off the front bumper to get inside the vehicle. The general advice is that users should not allow the Tesla Car to run out of power. If you notice that the battery is low, recharge before it runs down completely. 

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