How to Torrent Safely and Anonymously

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Torrenting is an easy and convenient way to download large files, movies, TV shows, and songs. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to torrent properly, while staying safe and anonymous.

Many people have used torrents, but a significant segment is unaware of the risks they take when they do so. Torrenting has become a popular tool for cybercriminals because it’s difficult for anyone to track who is downloading a particular file. When a person torrents, it’s possible for them to receive a virus or other harmful code. It’s also likely for an individual to download a torrent maliciously embedded with malware or spyware.

How to Stay Safe When You’re Torrenting

Downloading copyrighted material can get you in trouble, but most people are unaware of that. Before torrenting any file or uploading one of your own, check the copyright laws in your state to see if doing so is illegal.

Suppose you do decide to “flout” the law, one of the main things to do when torrenting is to stay anonymous. Use a virtual private network (VPN) or proxy to prevent the exposure of your IP address. If you are an avid downloader, it’s also wise to keep an anti-virus program on your computer to protect you from any malicious code or viruses that could come your way. 

Use a Safe Torrent Client

There are several clients available that support torrenting. The problem with most mainstream clients, such as Deluge and BitTorrent, is that they provide no way for users to stay anonymous. They also do not contain any form of encryption or special security features that prevent snooping. To keep your torrenting activities safe and secure, use a client such as Tixati. It has full encryption support, so you’re instantly protected by default.

The torrent site you’re using is also something to consider. The Pirate Bay, for example, has a bad reputation for spreading malware or viruses. You may be safer using a torrent indexing site like RARBG instead. Whatever your choice, it’s always wise to check out the comments section to see what kind of reviews the torrent site has received from its users.

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Encrypt Your Connection With a VPN

One of the most popular ways to stay anonymous and safe while torrenting is with a VPN service. With a VPN, your IP address is isolated from the torrent app you’re using. In addition to identity protection, VPNs offer a far more secure web browsing method. The best VPNs for torrenting are those that provide military-grade 256-bit encryption and never store or log any information about your activities. Pick a VPN that supports unlimited bandwidth and does not throttle downloads during peak hours, as some tend to do. 

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Mask Your IP With a Proxy

With a proxy, you’ll be able to download files using your torrent client anonymously. A tool such as the powerful SOCKS5 proxy may deliver a better experience than a VPN. First of all, it doesn’t cost as much. Secondly, since no encryption is going on, your connection will be much faster. As far as security goes, VPNs and proxies are pretty similar.

A proxy lets you hide your identity, so you can download your files without fearing the repercussions. However, you need to stay away from free proxies because they may not offer the same security levels. Instead, aim for a trustworthy provider. If you need help sourcing one, BestProxyFinder does an excellent job of reviewing the top suppliers in the market. 

Essentially, a good provider will not sell your traffic to advertisers or leak your information to malicious parties. It will answer all your inquiries and solve your connection issues promptly. Pick one, and you’ll be on your way to unrestricted and secure torrenting.

Is Torrenting Worth the Trouble?

Torrents give many of us a chance to watch the latest box office releases and TV shows. While torrenting has many benefits, it’s easy to overlook the risks that go along with it. Using VPNs and proxies to stay anonymous will prevent your data from being stolen or your computer from being contaminated by malware or adware. Take advantage of these tools and start browsing the net securely. Before you do that, remember to install an anti-virus program, too.

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