Apple Is in “Silent War” Against Google That’s Fueled by Grudge Over Android

The Tech industry's most intense rivalry

Google vs Apple

It goes without saying that Apple and Google have never been on the friendliest of terms. They have been a rival forever. Well, it seems that the rivalry is getting colder and colder. How so?

According to the latest report, Apple is working to separate its mobile operating system from the features of Alphabet, Google’s parent company. And this suggests that iOS could eventually be totally free of Google services!

Apple Has a Three-Pronged Approach Against Google

According to the latest report from the Financial Times, the engineers of Apple claims that the company still has a grudge against Google over Android. The engineers also claimed that the smartphone giant is currently in a “silent war” with Google.

Apple Google

To fill you up a little, the rivalry between Apple and Google started back in the early 2000s. As pointed out by the Financial Times, when Google came up with Android, the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, described it as a “stolen product” that mimics iOS. The co-founder even went as far as to declare a “thermonuclear war” against Google.

Now, Apple wants to separate its product from Google’s services. According to recent reports, the company is amping up its fight by working on its smartphone services. And it will battle Google on three fronts. And the three fronts include search, online advertising, and mapping.

Brand New In-House Services

Wondering what the three fronts can actually offer? Well, we have got some data from the report. Take a look:

Apple Maps

The engineers of Apple are reportedly working on Apple Maps with the intention of replacing Google Maps on iOS devices. And earlier this month, the tech giant bolstered its product after announcing a feature that allows companies to claim digital locations.

Gizchina News of the week

It goes by Business Connect, and it is pretty similar to what Google Maps is currently offering with its partnership with Yelp. However, Business Connect is set to be unique. It could come with interesting iOS features. For example, it may come with Apple Pay integration.

Apple Maps

Search Engine

Secondly, the Cupertino-based firm is working on a brand-new search tool. It is currently known as Apple Search and plans to be a big deal. The company aims to slash up to 92% of Google’s share of the search market. And According to Josh Koenig, the Chief Strategy Officer of Pantheon, it will do that by not making Google the default search option.

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However, Apple Search will act like a double-edged sword for the Cupertino giant. Google is currently paying Apple billions of dollars for being the default search option. So, Apple might lose a lot of revenue early in Apple Search.

Apple search

Online Advertising Service

Finally, the Cupertino giant has big plans to go after the bread and butter of Google, online advertising.

Now, in case you didn’t know, the ad business of Google makes up a significant portion of its revenue. And Apple wants to build a novel ad that will challenge it. Again, this will be a big deal for Apple, and Google will surely not be pleased about it.

Nonetheless, when the Cupertino firm steps into the online advertising sector, we might see some major changes in how ads are delivered to iPhone users. And not to mention, Apple might enable third-party data brokers, which will let it gain more control over what info goes and comes out from the iPhone users.

Online Ad Service

Overall, Apple is inching its way to being in a good position to cut off all the ties with Google. And as the report suggests, we might soon see the Cupertino giant ditching Google services on its smartphones.

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