ChatGPT passes a graduate exam in law and business


ChatGPT, a new AI tool has been making the headlines for multiple reasons in recent times. While students find this AI generative tool very useful, teachers are worried. Students can easily pass their exams or assignments by just using this tool. In some universities in the U.S., lecturers are already changing the way they assess students. Some lecturers do not give take-home exams any more. ChatGPT has passed some really important exams thus there is a need to be wary of this tool. Because many people are worried that OpenAI’s ChatGPT will help students cheat in the exam, the researchers had to conduct more machine tests.


In a new study, law professors at the University of Minnesota gave ChatGPT a try on graduate exam questions in four of their school’s courses. In all the exams, the AI tool was able to make a C+ grade which is average. Beyond that, in another paper, Wharton professor, Christian Terwiesch found that ChatGPT passed the school’s business administration exam with a B- to B grade. However, in terms of results, the performance of AI is largely inconsistent. The Univ. of Minnesota team notes that ChatGPT is good at addressing “basic legal rules” and summarizing theory. However, it is quite poor at trying to identify issues relevant to a case.

Wharton’s Terwiesch notes that it is “amazing” at handling simple operations management and process analysis problems, but couldn’t handle advanced process problems and would even get it wrong on sixth-grade math problems”.

AI tool needs serious improvements

He believes that while the AI tool can pass graduate exams with average grades, the tool can get better. The Univ. of Minnesota prof. said they were not tuned for a specific course or question, arguing that students could get better results by customizing. However, the Wharton prof. said AI is good at changing answers based on human guidance. While ChatGPT itself may not be able to do well on exams or papers, a little effort by cheaters can make the system generate more standard answers. This means that users cant just copy and paste ChatGPT answers. They will need to fine-tune the answers if they must get good grades. 

ChatGPT Google

Some AI opponents say that schools should limit the use of this tech to prevent cheating based on ChatGPT. They also suggested changing the question bank to discourage the use of AI tools or to increase the challenge for AI. The Univ. of Minnesota said students still need to learn “basic skills” instead of relying on robots for help.

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Terwiesch believes that this tech can ultimately save time that can be spent on students. With respect to the concerns of university professors, OpenAI’s CEO said the company will work on the system. This system will make it easier for teachers to identify responses by ChatGPT. However, he didn’t make any promises thus we can not be sure when this update will come. 

AI chat robot ChatGPT makes me addicted – Adani

Gautam Adani, the richest man in Asia and third in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, said he had been trying OpenAI’s AI chatbot ChatGPT. He also admits that the AI tool gets him addicted. Adani wrote in an article published after attending the World Economic Forum in 2023: “I must admit that since starting to use the recently released ChatGPT, I have become a bit addicted. Consider it a transformative moment in the democratization of AI.”

Adani, known for founding Indian energy and logistics giant Adani Group, adds: ” But there is no doubt that generative artificial intelligence (AIGC) will have a huge impact“. 

Adani’s comments come as ChatGPT received a lot of attention at this year’s World Economic Forum, and its impressive capabilities continue to wow businesses and curious users alike while sparking speculation about its use in the real world. However, there is still a debate on how to apply it in an ethical manner. Since AI research firm OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public in late November, AI ​​has been used to write children’s books, cover letters, and even generate responses for dating app matches.


ChatGPT can be used negatively

At the same time, the rise of ChatGPT has also led to plagiarism, cheating and other consequences. For this reason and more, many schools are now placing a ban on the use of this tool. It also raised ethical questions when a digital mental health company used it to generate responses without notifying users. Some people think it will put artists, tutors, programmers and writers out of a job. Others were more optimistic, arguing that it would allow staff to process their to-do lists more efficiently.

As companies continue to invest in the tech, these use cases give us just a taste of how robots will change our everyday lives. On Monday, US local time, Microsoft announced that it would invest billions of dollars in the developer of ChatGPT. In addition, Google also announced plans to integrate AI chatbot functionality into Google Search after issuing “code red” to deal with ChatGPT’s growth.

Adani likened the transformative nature of ChatGPT to the sea change in the global chip industry. He also explains how the rise of semiconductors had given birth to tech giants such as Intel, Qualcomm and TSMC. These companies make chips that help run our mobile phones, laptops, kitchen appliances and other consumer devices. In the coming months, we hope to see some changes in the ChatGPT system.

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