The Inner Core of the Earth has Stopped Rotating, What are the Consequences on Human Lives?

You may have seen or heard of of earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes and different forms of natural disasters or natural occurrences. But one thing you may not have heard of is the inner core of the earch stopping on its rotation.

It’s quite obvious because we are all on the surface of this big ball called earth. Therefore we care about what’s on the surface not something that is about 5,000km beneath us. Only few people really care about what goes on beneath us. Meanwhile, what we have beneath us can have strong impacts on what is on the surface.

The Inner Core of the Earth has Paused Rotating Inner Core of the Earth

According to news trending online, the inner core of the Earth that is always in rotation has stopped rotating. But this does not call for panic since researchers claim that this occurs every 7 decades.

Geophysicists Yi Yang and Xiadong Song of Peking University in Beijing have published a new study in nature Geoscience. The study explains the nature of movement of the earth’s inner core. The inner core is mostly made of iron and molten liquids.

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They found out that, the inner rotation of the core of the Earth slowed down until it eventually paused. This pause seems to be associated with the gradual turning back of the core. This turn around is what study says happens every 7 decades. The last time a similar occurrence happened was in the 1970s. Inner Core of the Earth

According to Song’s spinning theory in 1996, we don’t have a strong history of the understanding of the inner core. Some people in the ancient days believed in hollow core. But current generation believes that the middle of the earth is made of iron and molten. We also believe that the core of the Earth spins differently from the rest of the Earth.

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According to the new study, the researchers tracked seismic waves through the core to see how it behaved on the other side of the earth. This globally consistent pattern suggests that inner-core rotation has recently paused,” says the study.

The authors also believe that there is an interplay between the spinning of the core and the mantle of the Earth. Therefore, the core is not spinning just for spinning sake.

What Are the Consequences when the Inner Core of the Earth Changes Direction?

According to the study, the decate of periodic occurrences coincides with many geophysical observations. This may include the length of day and the magnetic field of the Earth.

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