ChatGPT will destroy Google in just two years says Gmail creator

ChatGPT and Google

The next big thing in the tech segment is not metaverse as many companies believed, it’s AI. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not scorning the current AR/VR approach, it certainly has its user base. However, it does not seem to be a super-strong trend embraced by the overall users. When it comes to AI, a small company emerged all of sudden with ChatGPT and conquered the world with its super smart AI-driven chat. ChatGPT conquered users across the world and raised several alarms front and back. What it represents for the future of education? How it will change the way we interact with the web? And how the current giants of tech are ready for this new trend? According to Gmail creator, Paul Buccheit, Google has strong reasons to be concerned.

ChatGPT and its AI model will make Google obsolete

The creator of Google’s popular email platform, states that ChatGPT can easily destroy Google in a year or two at most. Buccheit believes that the smart robot would kill Google’s most profitable product – Google Search. Even if the global search giant catches up on AI, it will be unable to implement it without losing the most lucrative element of its business. ChatGPT emerged in November, but quickly became the favorite tool of millions of users to ask inquiries. Soon, the AI model system will be able to outperform Google in many areas, including search, customization, and email.

When you go to search for something on Google, the search platform will return tens of pages of search results. Then you’ll need to navigate through these pages, which are ranked, to look for your results. ChatGPT arrived kicking the doors and presenting to users a much better solution. The bot answers inquiries in a conversational tone. It makes it easy for the user to ask follow-up questions. Using the AI is like having a conversation, and you’ll get your info in a consistent and smart form.

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Google vs ChatGPT

According to Bucheit, the tech behind ChatGPT grows at a quick pace. As a result, it will not be a surprise to see the tool overcoming Google and other giants in the area. He praises the ability of ChatGPT to generate human-like text. It will make it possible for the AI model to understand and respond to user inquiries intuitively. This will lead to accurate results and a better user experience. This is way beyond what Google currently offers to its user in its main search system.

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ChatGPT is getting a lot of investments. It will soon benefit from better processing power and data storage capacity, thus improving the capabilities of the AI. It will soon be able to perform even more complex tasks and analyze large amounts of data in a few seconds.

OpenAI’s AI model has limitations, but the future is bright

Of course, the expectations of Gmail’s creator are very optimistic. However, the platform still has its limitation. ChatGPT still lacks a deep understanding of context and sometimes will produce nonsensical responses. Moreover, it is good for specific data, so it can be biased or offer a limited scope depending on your inquiries. For that reason, his claims of ChatGPT killing Google in one to two years can be a little bit exaggerated.

However, Google and other giants certainly need to be on alert for the rise of AI models. This technology is evolving super fast and can do a lot of tasks nowadays, even generating images. It’s the kind of technology that these companies will need to master in order to stay alive. Google has a little time to perform a major overhaul in its Google Search to keep its relevancy. Otherwise, AI models will soon emerge and can easily bypass the search giant. The first steps show a bright future for this tech.

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